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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Blitzen, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. charron

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    I would be surprised if it did not improve.
  2. ondaedg

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    Predictability in today's NFL is a recipe for failure no matter how good of a motivational speaker you are.
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  3. stasheroo

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  4. Cowboy4ever

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    The QB fits his scheme better than Dak did. They will improve. If they get their D worked out to even average to a little better than average, they will be in the hunt for the Division title next year.
  5. CowboyFanInLexKy

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    I wouldn't be surprised. I think Garrett was a great OC. He just sucked at being a HC. I saw that from day 1.
  6. stasheroo

    stasheroo Well-Known Member

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    I never thought he was any 'great OC' either. A pass happy coordinator that had to have a running game babysitter holding his hand, who ultimately had his playcalling duties stripped from him.
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  7. DandyDon52

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    the cowboy giant games will be more interesting now :clap::popcorn:
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  8. big dog cowboy

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    I think Jason is challenging your post stash!


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  9. stasheroo

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    One of the few times I liked the guy and he showed some balls!
  10. garyo1954

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    He learned that playing his Take 4 Wild Card in Uno.
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  11. MCMetal69

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    The clapping level will increase exponentially in NY......................
  12. doomsday808

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    He'll have a good first year. Teams will soon figure out his schemes, and defenses will start to call out plays at the line. What will surprise me is if JG is successful at adjusting from opponent to opponent and from Situation to situation.
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  13. Big_D

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    Garrett once again goes to a pretty good situation with a quality young QB and one of the best RBs in football. I honestly think his horrendous clock management will become an issue for them unless Judge isn't a complete moron and has Garrett on a short leash.
  14. GMO415

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    Sure. Run heavy offense
  15. thunderpimp91

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    We talking about Garrett or Mccarthy?
  16. Blitzen

    Blitzen Well-Known Member

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    You mean "they" were that record. The team did not perform well. Again, I have not been wowed by Garrett. Being meh at your job does not mean you bring nothing to the table. Just means you are not elite. No clue why so many think that the Cowboys is so loaded that any clown could accomplish what Garrett did by coming in and just clapping.
  17. Blitzen

    Blitzen Well-Known Member

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    My hypothetical was to bring out the bias from so many. There is this weird hatred for a guy who was pretty meh at his position. He had some very successful seasons as offensive coordinator and head coach. He had a hand in those successes (and more than showing up and clapping). Could be that his constant mantra keeps his guys dialed in to the execution of simple football principles.

    This isn't about being right. Realize that if the hypothetical I propose happens, many here will give zero credit to the guy. It goes back to the ridiculous assessment skills people apply to the team. Let's say the Cowboys go 8-8 this coming season. How much blame does the coaching staff get, players get, front office get? For many here, it depends on their personal bias and whatever agenda they are pushing.
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  18. 408Cowboy

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    2013 against the Matt Flynn led Packers we blew a 23 point halftime lead because Garrett went away from the run and got pass happy. Again. Rewatch that game and the Atlanta game where Garrett looked on in disbelief as Dak got pummeled.

    There's plenty of evidence showing he doesn't known how to use his players at all.
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  19. stasheroo

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    And would be that he was the longest tenured coach in this team's history that never accomplished anything. Your assessment sounds like the requirements for a participation trophy.

    Two huge assumptions at play there. But yet you want to base your entire argument on them.

    I think some of your assessments in this thread are pretty ridiculous too. Garrett's tenure as head coach was a failure. No amount of sugar coating or deflection will ever change that.
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  20. cml750

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    No more Garrett threads in the Fan Zone please??? He is the Gnats problem now. Let them figure it out the hard way.
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