News: CW: Leading analytics team makes case for Cowboys letting Prescott walk

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Feb 24, 2021.

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    Anyone who actual looks at the odds of drafting an elite QB would know that there are many more misses than hits when it comes to QB
    IF is not a strategy
    It’s more buying lottery tickets with your house payment and hoping you win something
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  2. Nav22

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    So Drew Brees wasn’t elite, right?

    Let’s see if you’re still too cowardly to come out and say it.
  3. Rockport

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    @Reality is a big time troll.
  4. DeathMonkey

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    Again, you're completely ignoring the question of how much is too much to pay him. According to your rationale, a blank check is acceptable just because he's a franchise QB. It doesn't matter what talent they can or can't afford after signing him.

    There has to be a limit. There's years of evidence showing that teams that pay a QB over a certain percentage of the cap do NOT win SB's. Where is your evidence showing that you can pay a franchise QB exorbitant amounts and have a good shot at winning the big game? How did that work for the Chiefs this past SB? Oh wait, they got STOMPED....and Mahomes contract isn't really all that bad.
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  5. School

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    Tampa Bay was the 4th highest qb spender in the league in terms of percentage of cap and just won a championship due largely to their defense.

    The top 5 teams in the NFC in terms of cap spent on qb were all playoff teams.

    ETA: Chiefs were 25th in terms of cap spending on qb because Pat's extension hadn't kicked in yet.
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  6. Diehardblues

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    You’re placing everything on winning Super Bowls when the main objective is contending , then hoping it could lead to a SB.

    That might be fans only objective but not owners. While thats the ultimate catch , only one team a year can reach that pinnacle.

    Consistently contending is what a Franchise QB delivers and owners objective. That’s what provides hope and interest year after year.
  7. Diehardblues

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    Right . The NFL is a QB league you either have one or looking for one with rare exceptions. It doesn’t guarantee championships but it does consistent relevance .

    Look at most of the top contenders every year. What’s the common denominator. They have a Franchise QB .

    Final four teams. Brady, Mahomes , Rodgers and Allen. It’s not rocket science. The closer you get to an Elite QB the better your chances are but without a Franchise QB you better have a generational defense.
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  8. Aviano90

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    Can we get that Andy Dalton back? He was supposed to finally open running lanes for fat boy 21 and unleash Gallup’s full potential. He will be real cheap and Cowboys fans love cheap contracts.
  9. JoeyBoy718

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    It doesn't. But I agree.
  10. Diehardblues

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    Open up a Dallas paper. Tune in a local radio sports talk , turn on the local TV. The buzz is we should sign Dak. Because he’s enough to try and win with.

    And this offense is built to win now. This HC was hired to win now. Tweak the defense as much as we can and see what happens the next couple years.

    If it’s more of the last couple years then you can move in another direction with a HC and QB.
  11. GimmeTheBall!

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    Always good to see new blood here. Wise blood.
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  12. Typhus

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    So your saying just two more years?
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  13. DeStorm

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    Did you read these:

    1)The article title...
    Leading analytics team makes case for Cowboys letting Prescott walk

    2) "But they might be able to plug one of the refined rookie quarterback prospects such as Zach Wilson or Mac Jones into their offense and experience similar short-term success. That shift would dramatically lower the team’s floor for the 2020s, but it would also raise its ceiling. Already up against the salary cap, an expensive Prescott extension would accelerate the hemorrhaging of blue-chip free agents that started with Byron Jones last year. By resetting with a rookie quarterback, the Cowboys could retain their other stars and build like the Rams and Eagles from recent seasons, teams that leveraged the cost savings of Jared Goff’s and Carson Wentz’s inexpensive rookie deals into exceptional roster depth and eventual Super Bowl berths."

    You are reading the opinion of the author, not that of the analytics team. When you say "their end conclusion", their is the analytics team. That team concludes moving on raises the teams ceiling. The author's opinion has no bearing on what the analytics team's conclusion is.
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  14. ghst187

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    I don’t agree with this at all. I though Dalton was bad. We are about 8-8 with Dalton max.
    Dak is much better. We won’t beat a good team with Dalton. the only debate here to me is what is the better route...sign Dak and go cheap relying on draft vs trade our entire draft to get a top QB and use the money to sign Defense. That I’m not sure about. But I do know Dak is 3-4 wins better than Dalton.
  15. CATCH17

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    You may have thought Dalton was bad and that’s ok but we were winning games at the same rate..

    As far as not beating good teams.... Dak almost never beats good teams.

    We can also do better then Dalton for cheaper then Dak.
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  16. bigE79

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    It's been wasted for years...the whole culture of the team must change before anything else does...ware leaves,he wins a superbowl,same with hitch and wilson,bennett...etc
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  17. daboyzruleperiod

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    Letting Dak walk prolong any future championships.
  18. Proof

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    busted, I did get confused. Thanks
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  19. DeathMonkey

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    And you keep ignoring the point. How can a team contend if all of the salary cap is investing in too few players? That hurts the team's talent pool overall and leads to a lack of regular contending.
  20. Rayman70

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    hes not walking...AT WORST...he will be tagged and traded. Jerry should be put into a nursing home immediately if he lets him walk this year not getting anything in return.

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