Recap: David Moore on organizational issues on defense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, May 1, 2021.

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    There is no expertise in the front office at all. The entirety of the problem starts with the Jones boys. Solving any other problem won't matter........thats 25 years of watching this train wreck talking.
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    Jerry did no such thing. He's a football moron and egomaniac whose deluded himself into taking credit for Jimmy Johnson's teams. Fact is that Jerry did not have roster control under Jimmy. He was GM in title only. Jimmy ran the team and made all roster decisions. It would be great if at least folks who call themselves cowboy fans understood the teams history.
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    Excellent summary of a structural flaw the Jones cartel not only doesn’t recognize, it probably wouldn’t care if it did anyway.

    One only has to look at this team’s defensive history since winning its last SB in 1995 to see this foundational flaw. Since we hoisted the Lombardi in SB XXX, this team has hired 8 defensive coordinators, including 4 DCs in 9 years: Dave Campo, Mike Zimmer, Brian Stewart, Rob Ryan, Monte Kiffin, Rod Marinelli, Mike Nolan, and now Dan Quinn.

    And this team has changed schemes far too often- From the 90s 4-3 to the 3-4 under Parcells and Phillips, then back to the 4-3, then the “hybrid” 4-3 (4-2-5?) under Nolan, and now back to the 4-3 under Quinn. This team changes defensive philosophies like underwear. It’s hard to build a defense when you don’t even know what kind of defense you are trying to be.
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    It's all true and obvious. That's why this team has always had poor defenses despite new DCs every few years. The foundation is poor. Cowboys draft well on offense and that overrates McClay and their success rate

    So yeah, I will not be excited about this draft class. They are frauds until proven otherwise due to the history
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    Glad it is being talked about in the Metroplex without fear of the Jones boys. Needs to occur more often. Also needs to be echoed nationally and throughout the fan base. Those are the only things that the Jones boys will respond to and attempt to change for. Smh...
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    No bleep Sherlock. You needed someone to tell you that?
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    Long time beat writer covering the Cowboys for the Dallas paper. An outstanding reporter.
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    :cool: hmmm
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    Umm, Jason Garrett has a ring too. He has two.
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    :lmao2:To anyone who listens to this butt head. :lmao:
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    We have no defensive identity. In fact we don't have an identity as a team. Our players have adopted the identity of the owner and GM. They play for themselves and care more about the sizzle than the substance, just like Daddy Jerry taught them.

    This draft was the epitome of the franchise. A few good players in the midst of a random events that seem to have no plan or direction. I can't speak for everyone but I feel a lot of frustration and I think the frustration is this draft is a microcosm of the franchise. Just going through the motions and hoping we'll be successful and if not then at least we'll be talked about.
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    Dont go there Vanalli2 I wandered in the Garrett desert like a false prophet for years.
    Of course you may be all about sarcasm
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    Garrett hand picked Marinelli
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    Can I give you a dislike?

    Just busting your chops
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    I haven't seen it articulated this well before. This makes so much sense.
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    Very well said.

    I know we can’t judge the players in a draft just one day after, when they haven’t even played a down yet. But it’s no too early to judge the sloppiness of this front office. They chose quantity over quality when with 11 draft picks in their quiver, they could have packaged them in some way to target some higher quality players at key moments in this draft.

    But then again, that would require planning and alignment of purpose- you know all the things that good organizations do. Watching Stephen Jones giggling like a middle school kid at the Day 2 press conference about “Gee, we missed on another Safety” was a truly nauseating experience. Yet that arrogance he carries can only be gained when you are an executive billionaire for life with absolutely no accountability for wins and losses.
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    It kind of blows my mind. One would think offensive-minded coaches would look to put a bigger emphasis on defense as they should have faith in their own ability to score points.

    That said it isn't too surprising in hindsight that they kept busting on guys like Taco that Marinelli liked. Just hope they aren't making the same stupid mistakes with Quinn.
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    Well if that is the case why not offer Sean Lee an intern coaching position.
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    Barring career ending injury the Cowboys hav a HOF QB.

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