How did a top LB core, go from hero to zero?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Praxit, Oct 27, 2020.

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    Jaylon can't anchor with one leg. That's why he doesn't play low and drive. That's why he plays high and gets pushed back. He just can't do it.

    I've posted this a few times:

    Watch Jaylon get completely stonewalled by the first heavy bag of the Gridiron Gauntlet Pro Bowl 2020 - You actually have to push 3 bags and he couldn't push one. Goto 43 seconds and play on slow mo. He's tip tapping his left leg instead of driving.

    Jaylon ain't right.
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    Jaylon Smith has made Total Tackles a meaningless statistic.
    I'd love to see the location of each tackle on a chart.

    Also, I'd like to see his "assisted" tackles separated from the above total.
    He's like a little brother playing with his older brother's friends.

    Dude celebrates pass interference and personal fouls like he did something positive.
    A total fraud.
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    WoW! WoW! I just watched that closer in slow mo. It actually is sad to watch. Why on earth is this guy playing football! At this level! We are playing 11 on 10 every week. WoW!
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    One injured and Jaylon was always overrated by a large degree. I would love to see lve and Joe Thomas out there fire a game
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    LVE can't stay healthy, rated as a 2nd Rounder coming out of college but Dallas was in love with him.

    Lee can't stay healthy, breathe on him and he falls over.

    Smith has zero awareness of what's going on around him. Never will 100% recover from college injury.

    Joe Thomas is a not bad, average player, nothing more.

    And we hype up rookies immediately and then they go nowhere.

    There. Done.
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    I would agree with that.
  8. ondaedg

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    Even better!
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