How would you rank Meredith, Staubach, White, Aikman, Romo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Oct 10, 2013.

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    I meant a lot of teams passing records are still held by old school QB's.

    As to your second point, there are a lot of teams with crappy QB history, so their records will fall, but I don't see how the records of QBs like Marino, Montana, Elway, Favre, Moon, Kelly, etc will be broken in the near future, and they are all Aikman contemporaries.

    I love Troy don't get me wrong, but statistically speaking, Tony is much better. There is no debating that.
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    this...If Romo wins 1 SB he jumps to #1... he will own every passing record imaginable for games,season and career for this franchise by the time he's gone so if he gets 1 ring he jumps to the top spot.... if he doesn't he stays at #3
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    1. Aikman - his true greatness was working very effectively in the offensive system. Clearly the smartest of all the qbs.
    2. Staubach - 4 Super Bowls with 2 wins. Should have won one more.
    3. White - like it or not, he led team to 3 straight NFC title games. He is locked into 3rd.
    4. Meredith - 3 straight division titles,
    5. Romo - 2 division titles. Then a wall, a tank and a couple of implosions.
  4. john van brocklin

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    I never saw Meredith play, but I would agree with where you have everyone placed.
  5. JakeCamp12

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    Staubach would be my first pick to start a team. Tough, smart and hated to lose. I think he would have won a Super Bowl with the 2010 team.
    Aikman was a surgeon if you gave him time.
    Danny White took this team to three straight NFC Championship games and he also won quite a few games with an aging veteran team. Drew Pearson drinking and driving didn't help his time in Dallas.
    Romo is a very good QB and has tons of stats but the object of the game is to win playoff games and Super Bowls. He has yet to do either
    Meredith was a very good player on some very bad teams. Behind a better OLine I think he puts up some very good numbers.

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    I did stipulate "Most". This represents 6 teams. We have 32 in the NFL. I think that most is a reasonable statement.

    As far as the QBs mentioned, I will agree with you on Marino, Elway and Farve. Jim Kelley only has 35,467 career passing yards. That's basically only a little over 3500 yards for 10 seasons. That's not all that tough to do anymore and a QBs career is often much longer then 10 years. 3500 yards a season is roughly 219 yards per game. Last year, we had 17 QBs who threw for more then 3500 yards and 24 who threw for over 3000. This year, there are 26 QBs in the NFL who are curently averaging more then 219 yards per contest. Kelley's records are going to fall and they are going to fall by substantial margins.

    Same with Joe Montana. He only has 35,124 passing yards with San Fran, over 13 seasons. People think of Joe Montana as a guy who was the heart and soul of those 49er teams. The MVP and the reason they won. I agree with that by the way. I think he was but what's interesting to me is that he only has 2,182 more career yards with the 49ers, then Aikman, and Troy only played 12 seasons. Montana's records are also going to fall.

    Warren Moon had a lot of combined yards over his career but he's not going to own any Franchise records very long IMO. He has 33,685 yards with Houston. That's going to fall.

    What does that leave us, Marino, Elway and Favre?
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  7. MichaelWinicki

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    1. Staubach
    2. Aikman
    3. White
    4. Meredith
    5. Romo

    Anyone that rates Romo ahead of Staubach is o_O
  8. LittleBoyBlue

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    I don't get why Staubach is above Aikman. He opened and closed the door on 3 super bowls. 4 was in the cards.

    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    1. Staubach - You had to watch him to really appreciate how good he was. You had to watch and understand the kind of Football that was played in the 70 to really and truly understand how good he was.
    2. Aikman - If winning is the standard, and I believe it is, then Aikman is the Gold Standard of Cowboy Quarterbacks. I almost wished that Aikman had gone to another team with another offense. Had he played for Don Coryell or Don Shula, I think the average Cowboy's opinion of how good, how talented and how important he actually was would be very different.
    3. Tony Romo - As a pure passer, he is special. I do believe that he has the talent to win a championship but he has not done that, let alone multiple championships. He will have all the records and that's no small accomplishment but, I liken this to a fisherman who has all of the latest tech, fishing off the side of a Bass Boat in a richly stocked Lake. Yep, he'll catch his limit and probably will have thrown a few back but is he better then the Fisherman who has only a knife tied to a pole, who catches only a fish or two a day? Who's the more skilled Fisherman?
    4. Don Meredith - Probably not as proficient a passer as any of the QBs on this list but there is a great deal to be said for when he played, the teams he played against and the fact that he was actually building a franchise from the foundation up. He had to deal with a lot of things that the other QBs on this list benefited from. Don Meredith was a Gamer and I am not so sure he should not be higher up on this list.
    5. Danny White - It's really a shame that Danny White injured his wrist because he could have been a lot higher on this list then 5. He was a better passer, and I'm strictly talking about his ability to simply through the football, prior to the injury, then everybody on this list, except Aikman. He was a better athlete then anybody on this list except Roger. That injury really limited him and it would have been interesting to see what he could have accomplish had he not sustained that injury. I feel bad for White because he got dealt a bad hand there but hey, you have to make judgements on what is and not what could have been.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    I think those two are very close...

    But I give Roger the edge... Why?

    He was more dominate when it came to passing stats (as compared to the peers of his time) than Aikman was as compared to his peers.

    Roger was the better athlete.

    Troy started 165 games and had 16 4th-quarter comebacks and 21 game winning drives.
    Roger stated 114 games and had 15 4th-quarter comebacks and 23 game winning drives.
  11. LittleBoyBlue

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    I guess roger was forced into stats while Aikman wasn't. Aikman wanted the win and did his part. Sounds like roger had to do more with less.
  12. noshame

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    If you saw Roger play, there's no other choice.
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    You look at the rosters Roger had and I don't think Roger had "more to do with less". Walt Garrison, Tony Dorsett, Calvin Hill, Duane Thomas, Billy Jo Dupree, Drew Pearson, Preston Pearson. Those offenses were very talented. They just weren't centralized on 3 players like the Cowboy teams of the 90's.

    The Cowboys in 1977 had the top ranked offense in football. They never accomplished that under Troy's watch.

    Again, Aikman was a tremendous QB... He just wasn't Roger.
  14. BourbonBalz

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    If this post is meant to be serious, you'e got some sever problems when it comes to understanding football.
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  15. BourbonBalz

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    1) Stabach
    2) Aikman
    3) Romo
    4) Meredth
    5) White
  16. poke

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    oh what the heck, ranking strictly in terms of who i liked the most, all talent, athleticism, teammates, W-L aside.

    1. Dandy Don (yes i am old enough to have seen him play, on TV anyway)
    2. Staubach ( what fun he was to watch)
    3. Danny White ( he would have had to win 3 Super Bowls to ever live up to following Roger)
    4. Aikman ( never my favorite but who doesn't LOVE winning Super Bowls)
    5. Romo ( not a hater just getting old waiting for something good to happen
  17. BourbonBalz

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    Seriously???? You have Meredith and White ranked above Aikman????? On top of that, you have Meredith above Staubach??? Seriously??? Have you suffered a head injury at some point in your life?
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    Never mind. I see you just ranked them based on who you liked the most. Still, how could any Cowboy fan like any QB more than Rodger the Dodger?
  19. poke

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    well you had to be there to appreciate Meredith, usually the player you pick as your favorite when you first start paying attention is who stays with you as your favorite. glad you picked up on my criteria.
  20. blindzebra

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    You give me 1 QB for 1 game I am going with Staubach over any QB that has ever played.

    1. Staubach

    2.A. Aikman based on results

    2.B. Romo based on stats and talent...he passes Troy when he wins a SB.

    4. Meredith

    5. White

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