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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Feb 11, 2019.

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    They move, but they don't want to. They don't just tuck and run like Vick. That just doesn't work in the NFL.
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    I agree.

    But Dak has the ability to be balanced. He's not even balanced. He's stuck in the pocket.

    Romo didn't run a lot either but he extended plays all the time. Dak has the athleticism to do that but chooses not to.
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    This is pretty hollow when we don't know if the QBs are in the lead or not. A 6-point lead is not going to have the same passing offense as a 6-point deficit, and especially not when that shifts to 8. I'd imagine Mahomes, Brees and Goff were making plenty of safe throws with a lead. It's easy to be aggressive when you're trailing.
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    Yes, but the second year is the year most of the great wide receivers began to really improve, as in Calvin Johnson, from 756 to 1,331 yards and 4 tds to 12 tds. Or Jerry Rice, from 927 to 1,570 yards and 3 to 15 tds.

    Not saying Gallup is in their class, but the NFL playbook is far bigger than college playbooks and everybody says the game is faster. That's a lot for a rookie receiver to learn in one year...
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    Or is told not to ;)
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    Why do you feel the need to limit this to an 8 point or less spread? So if a team is ahead by 10 points and still airs it out, ala Chiefs, why not show that too? Why 8 points? Why not 10 points? 14 points? Just curious.
  9. john van brocklin

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    Problem is, is that when the wideout is wide open dak has a hard time getting the ball to them accurately
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    The problem is that this is a terrible game plan for a good team. It's an okay game plan for an outmatched team that's trying to steal wins. But when you're the better team, you want to take it to the opponent, not let them hang around...because if you keep it close, it's the other guys who may steal the win at the end.
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    Adam too often gets lost in meaningless details to prove his point.

    He is good when giving details about certain figures. But thats it.
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    @AdamJT13 and @percyhoward are two of the greatest Cowboys Zone posters of all time.

    I'd consider putting them above leotisbrown and Pittman4ever (or whatever his name).
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    I just wish we’d see play action out of a run set on 1st down more than 4 times a season.
  15. percyhoward

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    When tied or trailing late in the game, none of those guys were as aggressive as Dak, and none of them were as successful either.

    15+ yard targets as a percentage of total attempts
    4th qtr/OT tied or trailing by 8 points or less
    Prescott 26.0% (20 of 77) 135.4
    Mahomes 20.8% (11 of 53) 103.2
    Goff 22.6% (7 of 31) 111.9
    Brees 20.0% (12 of 60) 56.6
  16. Alexander

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    This just basically means they didn't get aggressive until their backs were to the wall.

    They were more concerned about controlling tempo and ToP than they were about jumping into a lead.

    That is what has been different since Prescott's rookie season, I strongly suspect. I don't have data to back it up, but in retrospect, it seems we tended to have more of a tendency to get the lead and then choke the opponent out with the run. But for some reason, we seem to get all hung up on the thrill of the comeback.

    That kind of model is just not sustainable. We got away with it an awful lot this past year.
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  17. percyhoward

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    I was just using the standard parameters of a "Late & Close" situation.

    You can change the parameters if you want. Give me something specific and I'll check it out for you.
  18. northerncowboynation

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    Prescott will always take the safer throw. He's a "protect the ball first" QB. What's Moore gonna do if Dak's mentality stays the same, get up on a stool and look him in the eye and rant. Not likely. Then again, any change is good right... isn't it?
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    If Gallup's struggles were Dak's fault, then how did he and Amari Cooper click right out of the gate?

    A lot of rookie receivers struggle early on, and I think Gallup is going to have a huge year in 2019.

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