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I've got to address the Garrett hate...

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by myslamsareolder, May 18, 2014.

  1. DallasEast

    DallasEast Cowboys 24/7/365 Moderator

    43,413 Messages
    26,949 Likes Received

    For the record, I believe Jason Garrett will get this team to +.500 football. In my opinion, the breakthrough will happen with better execution from the players and allowing his coordinators to assist him with tight, in-game situations. I think Garrett is the type of head coach who can put together solid gameplans, but totally depends on games to unfold as closely as he predicts they will play out.

    Last season's Green Bay game may be the best example. The first half gameplan overwhelmed the Packers. They had no answers. In the second half, it seems Garrett wanted to increase the huge lead and not sit on the ball. Unfortunately, he supported a second half gameplan which leaned on the pass more than the run. The strategy weighed heavily on player execution. When it did not happen, Green Bay capitalized on scoring opportunities surrendered by an increasingly week-to-week, hapless defense. Garrett could have made time of possession an ally. Sometimes, conservative football can be a good thing--especially if the other team has difficulty countering it.
  2. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

    8,593 Messages
    3,510 Likes Received
    This guy ought to be able to coach as well if not better than some of the newer coaches in the league.

    He may be good at some things but he's flat out awful at game management.

    We hear so much about the Cowboys are the most valued. The Cowboys have the best stadium.

    They should have a freakin football genius on the sidelines coaching these games.

    Green Bay is a great example of how inept Jason can be.
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  3. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

    96,801 Messages
    23,157 Likes Received
    Only way Garrett changes people view of him is getting this franchise back on the winning path, I hope he does.
  4. LittleBoyBlue

    LittleBoyBlue Redvolution

    35,651 Messages
    8,317 Likes Received
    Garrett is a student of jimmy johnson. He is trying to build a team that can roll over you. Here is the play, try and stop us. The "cowboy way".

    If he eventually gets there, GREAT! But its going to require players bailing him out of low percentage play calling and bad "in game" coaching decisions.
  5. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

    3,202 Messages
    2,159 Likes Received
    This, this and this.
  6. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

    19,354 Messages
    16,946 Likes Received
    Any proof of this or just your opinion?
  7. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

    19,354 Messages
    16,946 Likes Received
    I think for the most part that posters here criticize only the posters who are ALWAYS negative. Nothing wrong with having issues with specifics on the Cowboys, but there are posters who criticize everything about the Cowboys. Those are the posters who need to go away.
  8. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

    51,004 Messages
    47,361 Likes Received
    Tons of it. Go watch his playcalling since he has been here. Then go watch an offense like Denver's or Andy Reid's and see how they do things to get players open.
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  9. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

    19,354 Messages
    16,946 Likes Received
    That's proof? Oooook.
  10. WPBCowboysFan

    WPBCowboysFan Well-Known Member

    10,265 Messages
    6,532 Likes Received
    Pretty much
  11. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

    BringBackThatOleTimeBoys Benched

    1,470 Messages
    311 Likes Received
    This sounds a lot like the Jim Zorn experiment, except Jerry is the copycat - not Snyder.
  12. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

    26,224 Messages
    19,012 Likes Received
    Garrett didn't take a 1-7 team to 8-8. Paul Pasqualoni did, by upping the TOs to plus 20, when by the time Wade got fired they only had 4. The offensive production, which Garrett essentially had total control over, was just the same in terms of production. Schematically, they just ran the ball alot more. Even if you look at that 1-7, the defense was bearing a lot of the incompetence of Garrett's play-calling and inability to control the clock. A lot of the game were lost with the defense actually doing it's job.

    Plus, that wasn't a 1-7 team. It was a team that won the divison the year prior, and got it's first playoff victory in 17 years, despite the fact every year with Jerry itching to pull the trigger for his 'golden boy' and Wade knowing this. 1-7 was actually the aberration of Wade's record, not the norm, which is two division championships, a play-off win and a 9-7 that didn't get them the play-offs.
  13. Idgit

    Idgit Fattening up Moderator

    58,216 Messages
    59,404 Likes Received
    You can't possibly believe any of that khiladi, do you? Because it's a giant stretch for even the hardest core Garrett hater to even say with a straight face.
    casmith07 likes this.
  14. casmith07

    casmith07 Attorney-at-Zone

    31,538 Messages
    9,312 Likes Received
    Fitting that agenda into the argument is always a stretch, my friend.
  15. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

    26,224 Messages
    19,012 Likes Received
    You mean the fact that Wade went to two play-offs and had 3 winning seasons in 4 years, while Garrett hasn't had a single winning season despite having full control isn't a fact? You meant the fact that we went from 4 turnovers in 8 games to essentially mid-20s? You mean the fact that we still didn't beat a team with a winning record when Garrett took control and Jon Kitna was tossing INTs left and right and fumbling the ball at will?

    That was the year where our genius Opie called that pass play from like 80 yards out, with no time left, that resulted in the Choice fumble, essentially costing us the game... And Opie was ducking the media not even taking credit for the bone-headed decision.

    Seriously, you must be related to Garrett. Either that, or you have a crush on him.
  16. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    35,543 Messages
    7,001 Likes Received
    I wonder if Jerry ever logs on to Cowboyszone. If he does, he has to rub his hands together and smile at the fans who are happy with 8-8 and underperformance every year and happily ask for more.
  17. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

    20,814 Messages
    41,669 Likes Received
    As long as it's entertaining. lol
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  18. Idgit

    Idgit Fattening up Moderator

    58,216 Messages
    59,404 Likes Received
    No, I didn't mean anything related to the other three years under Wade where the team played well and he wasn't fired. Why would you think I might have meant that?

    I didn't mean that, either, but I was aware that Garrett came in and oversaw the change in the plan on defense. What I'm confused by is why you don't want to give the head coach credit for that. It's not like defense wasn't Wade's strength to begin with. If the changes were there to be made, Wade should have been the guy to make them. But this fantasy that it was Paul Pasqualoni calling the shots on Garrett's watch is hilarious. Also amusing that you're faulting a staff that turned 1-7 into 5-3 for not beating a team with a winning record during that span.

    Maybe because it wasn't the coaches fault that the RB fumbled the ball? I'm just going to go out on a limb there. I know it's easier to second guess the play calling when there's an obvious execution error, but that doesn't mean it's right.

    I'm not related to Jason Garrett. Nor am I aware of a crush on him. But it's interesting to see you don't just reserve the wild assumptions for your analysis of our head coach.
  19. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

    26,224 Messages
    19,012 Likes Received

    What does any of that have to do with the facts I states above? No matter what your theories are, Wade got THIS team to two playoffs, win the division twice, had another winning season and won a game that we hadn't won in 17 years, while your Boyfriend continues to fail ever year.

    Three winning seasons and one losing season. Basic logic tells you One losing season is clearly an aberration. This is without even discussing his actual record with other teams, which you clearly don't have any clue about.

    As far as Garrett's game planning with the defense, what's your genius explanation for our failures last year, you know the one you always blame on the defense. Was your boyfriend not involved in that game planning?
  20. khiladi

    khiladi Well-Known Member

    26,224 Messages
    19,012 Likes Received
    Do I have to quote your boyfriend on turnovers again and giving the offense more chances? So why you complicating when I say PP gave this team twenty turnovers? I can see Garrett's game planning with Rob Ryan didn't work out too well in regards to TOs.

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