Jerry Expects No Elliot vs NYG

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by GenoT, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Sydla

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    But if we start losing games because it's clear Dak needs Elliott............... oh boy.

    These first 2-4 games are going to be very, very interesting.
  2. doomsday9084

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    This is really an untenable situation for everyone. Zeke's agent can't take less than what Dallas has already offered him. If he blows this deal up then he will never get another client. He basically has to either get Dallas to cave or get Zeke to a different team.

    OTOH, Jerry is getting poked in the eye really hard. If he plays hardball with someone, it helps his other negotiations both present and future. Beyond that, if the team does well sans Zeke and the team moves him, it frees up a ton of money for others. Jerry really can't cave and has some pressure to walk back what he has already offered.

    Those that are saying Zeke is done as a Cowboy might be right.

    I'm not even sure what gets done though. He is under contract for two more years. A team trading for him would have to give Dallas something of value AND pay Zeke the outrageous contract he wants. Quite frankly, Jerry should point out just how screwed Zeke is by telling his agent to find a team that is willing to trade for him.
  3. Sydla

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    I'll say this............... there is a very small silver lining here.

    We get to see Dak without Elliott. If Dak truly is this ascending, developing QB that is on the cusp of being one of the greats in football and deserving of a massive, Top 3ish contract.............. then there should be no excuses for his performances starting the year.

    But if he and the offense struggle, it feeds the notion that he needs Elliott. And in that case, the Cowboys might be foolish paying him what he wants.
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  4. ElGatoGrande

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    Hopefully Zeke wakes up, fires his management team and accepts the generous offer. Then he can blame the whole thing on his agent or Faulk,,, his teammates will have a reason to like him again.
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  5. MonsterD

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    What is this weird mysterious plan to have him come in at the end of the season? Or is that just them being hopeful he just shows up for the accrued season to FA?
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  6. Hawkeye19

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    Zeke is one screw up away from a lifetime ban... is that truly a player you want to give a ton of guranteed money to?

    He wants to be paid like he is the best RB in the NFL. He wants more guranteed money than Gurley. Are those demands reasonable?

    IMO— there are other factors to consider with him besides just his on field production. IMO... Zeke is not in my long term future plans. We take a step down at RB for sure— BUT, as you point out, there is more flexibility to sign other players, we no longer have to worry about his off field issues, AND we discourage future hold outs by playing hardball with an entitled, unreasonable player.

    In short— screw Zeke. He has chosen to play hardball with a team that has done nothing but support him. He has an inflated sense of his own value, and he has diminished and minimized the impact of his negative decisions on the team.

    Just not sure he is someone that I would want to commit market setting numbers to.
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  7. jwooten15

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    Jerry's soured on Zeke and I think it's so great. Loyalty means so much to Jerry - and Zeke has shown none, despite Jerry going to bat for him time after time.

    Cool. Let him sit all he wants.
  8. hornitosmonster

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    Zeke who, let the bum sit out
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  9. Big_D

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    Hopefully he’s traded! Just get rid of him! POS
  10. Bullet22

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    There will always be someone to replace you...but I would bet he is signed before the 1st game..
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  11. Teague31

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    Good. I have Tony Pollard locked and loaded on my fantasy team
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  12. Sydla

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    In that sense, yeah, if Elliott isn't a part of the future, it allows us to maybe spend money on Maliek and some others (I think La'el is gone).

    But the flip side to this is that you only then got 3 years out of the 4th overall pick. That's just a bad return and would pretty much prove my point that taking a TB with the 4th pick was just not a very smart move.
  13. GenoT

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    It’s a serious poker game going on.
  14. Hawkeye0202

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    1000% ........ my exact issue with Zeke. Wanna new deal with two years left, fine but there's a price
  15. Hawkeye19

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    Yep... I just think the defense is going to be a real force going fwd. Is Dak going to put up elite numbers? No. But I don’t think he will need to. He protects the ball well, and with the OL coming back into form, gains at WR, and some new life out of the offensive system under Moore’s leadership— I think we win out of the gate.

    The defense will keep us in most games, and Dak has already displayed his ability to be clutch and play his best ball in the 4th qtr.

    Do we lose an elite RB? Yes. But if we win without Zeke... the confidence gain for this entire team grows exponentially.
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  16. texbumthelife

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    Damn... I hadn't even thought of that. Another baked in excuse.
  17. Zordon

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    :laugh:the over confidence is getting ridiculous on here. all it takes is one twisted ankle or pulled hammy from #36 and you guys will be crying for him to return.
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  18. iceberg

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    nope. don't think pollard has come up in any of the drafts i've seen so far. D was drafted in a team this but it was the same guy who took dak and gallup. :)
  19. IndianaCowboys1994

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    Should be!!!!
  20. Hardline

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    Why. Did the league cancel those games and give us the win?
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