Mike McCarthy is making new playbook Dak inclusive and friendly

With Dak being given a big say about the new playbook, is that a good or bad idea?

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Financial accountability. If he plays well, pay him next year. If he doesn’t? Don’t.

That is what I'm concerned about, sometimes you just cannot keep keep keeping on. lol

Dak is like a brand new leased car when he first arrived...JJ leased him and paid good money.

But it has been 8 years that car has been on the road and it has had some flat tires, broken turn signal switch...was in the garage for some oil changes because it hit a speed bump and they had to used the spare car for the first 4 or 5 miles.

But that leased car is now getting worn out and it seems it almost gets up that hill, but just cannot make it to the top...has a leaky gas tank...but JJ still paying that good money for a old car when a new younger car can drive the same miles as this old one for way less money on gas, plus a newer car will have smart technology unlike the old car. So JJ is stuck with the old car, can't even trade it in, as if anyone would want a old used car but JJ and spawn.


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I really don't know what you are getting at? It's not invalidating wins because Dak did win those games.

Maybe ask him for more clarification because that is not what I got from that first line.
Yes, that's exactly what it is. There's no point in saying it unless your trying to undermine the quality of the wins.

I don't need clarification, that argument has been around for nearly 4 years.


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If this is a ‘make or break’ year for head coach and quarterback? I think it’s a great thing. If they’re being held accountable for what they do and don’t accomplish, they should have complete control.

But if Prescott is going to get a huge extension no matter what? Then it’s a No for me.
That's close, but this is really Mike's attempt to have a scapegoat if things go badly. We're talking about a guy who was incapable of getting a handle on penalties :facepalm:


There are no Dak haters just Cowboy lovers!!!
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Looks like if all works out or fails, offensively, Dak will be as much responsible since he is being given a big say as to which plays will be used with the new playbook.

Is that a good or bad idea? What say you?

Sneak preview of the New Dak-friendly MM playbook........

Even Howie long chipped in to help out our offense.....


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Sounds like he is giving him review privileges which makes sense, not really control over the overall scheme so it's probably fine. As long as it's simple and has less 30 yard routes on 3rd and short I think it will be an improvement.


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What is your definition of proving it?
How about showing the ability (not necessarily succeed) and composure in a crucial game where he's in a 'hurry-up' and needs more than 3 pts.

As for the OP, I agree the playbook should match the QB's attributes, however, its the Tyson "Everyone has a plan..." scenario, the ability to create when Plan A fails and the pressure is mounting.


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Looks like if all works out or fails, offensively, Dak will be as much responsible since he is being given a big say as to which plays will be used with the new playbook.

Is that a good or bad idea? What say you?

Bad idea! Word out of camp is Prescott had all the WRs lined up and running 10 yard curl routes.
Next week it will be 7 yard curls.


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McCarthy wants to find plays that put Dak into his best chances to excel. Obviously, he'd like to see that occur, as much as possible.
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"Friendly" in this context is obviously not praise or something positive. It implies limitations but everyone already knows that.

Including the QB in offensive game planning and the like is great. Romo too was involved in a similar manner, but that was for a different reason: Garrett didn't seem to know what he was doing and his offense stunk.


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Teams win, not one person. Yes the running backs contribute to team's success too. Elementary?? Name me one Elementary school football coach who can qualify to coach in the NFL.

You're already upset at the fact that we could win without Dak having to throw 50 times a game. If Dak passed for 280 yards, 2 tds and zero ints and we won.... you would be upset.

You would be upset that we won with Dak under center and it would nullify your ability to cry and moan like a ***** after a loss and/or blame Dak for a loss whether it's his fault or not.

This is the reason you type less after we win games with Dak under center. You are one of the few weak ones here who have NEVER given Dak credit after wins, or when he has played well, yet you type on the board daily after losses and blamed EVERY loss on Dak, even if it's the kicker or defense fault we loss. Go sit your Washington Commander smellin *** down somewhere lil guy.
@MountaineerCowboy aka KareneerCowboy likes those Advanced Offenses that make everyone subservient to the QB....... Fake Leadership


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How many times are they going to make the offense "Dak friendly"?
We are already attempt number three.
What the hell, fourth times the charm right.....