News: Peter King: Greg Hardy has the right to work in the field in which he excels

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 9, 2015.

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    And that's what's happening. I actually want to read your tweet. Where can I see it?
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    My problem with Greeny and the rest of the media is that they are leaving out a lot of details and only reporting what I think is half the story. I am in NO WAY defending Hardy's actions. But even Holder testified that some of those bruises were caused by his manager, she admits that they had been drinking and she was snorting cocaine. I have seen fights of all kind and no one get bruises from being held "back", by his manager, if they aren't actively trying to get back into the fray. Unless the manager seriously manhandled her. No mentions of the pictures of Hardy with his bruise/cut. Is it possible that he is telling the truth that she attacked him. I think I read somewhere that "her" girlfriend stated/testified that she was going to get him back b/c he moved her out of his house/apt. Also consider this, the race card, I am from NC and know that if a black male is accused of attacking a white female, he better have proof he didn't do it. Also the judge, who had release a man earlier in her career who later killed his wife, sentenced him to misdemeanor charges. If it was a slam dunk case I think she would have thrown the book at him. I have yet to hear one these mainstream media types report that the DA had serious issues with her testimony.

    I have a daughter and I raised her to never swing at a man nor get in his "face" b/c you don't know he may react. But I have seen women do it on multiple occasions. You can argue a man should walk away but you never know how a person will react.

    I honestly suspect that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. So give me all the facts and I will form my own opinion. So let the man play football for Dallas or anyone else that wants him and move on. I would like to see him get involved in some charity with abused women though. IF only other social issues would get this much coverage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I've never ONCE heard about anyone else being with Hardy and Holder. The way this story has been told by the media has been ridiculous. Its easy because its Hardy and he's easy to hate. But its terrible journalism by everyone involved and the only ones who seem to be objective in their reporting is a FEW in Dallas who can be seen as "biased".
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    Well... I'm embarrassed to say but I don't know how to tell you. I just send them out. I guess it would be on my thread but I don't know how to extract it.

    Good thing I'm not 19, I would be laughed out of town.

    But I said virtually the exact same thing I said in my post. I'll let you know if I hear back from them.
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    yes his manager was there and allegedly placed one of the 911 calls. I also think you can hear GH talking to him during the time GH made his 911 call, asking him to not let her go or something to that effect.
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    Yeah man keep us up to date. I'd love to hear if they have the heart to respond.
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    SMH....none of this is ever brought up though. I guess it doesn't help the narrative of how much of a monster Hardy is and how much of a victim Holder is.
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    Peter King is taking the back handed compliment approach. He writes a column that tells people to forgive GHardy for the heinous, terrible, evil things he did. He does this to feel better about himself. That he is the bigger man that can forgive the monster.

    It is just a different way to bash Hardy and the Cowboys.
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    I find it funny that nobody has even mentioned the fact that Nicole Holder was both drunk and coked out the night of the incident. Guess it wouldn't quite paint the same picture in favor of her if the media told the whole story.

    I'm not saying what Hardy did was OK by any stretch, cause it wasn't, but there are a lot of ?'s surrounding this case. The victim's friend reportedly told police that she threw herself into the shower. Then, she changed her story and said that it was Hardy who threw his girlfriend into the shower. Then, she changed it AGAIN and said that it was indeed Holder who had thrown herself into the shower. Why feel the need to lie if the girl is innocent?

    And, if she truly wanted justice, why wouldn't she deny the settlement offer and continue with the lawsuit? Especially when she had photographic evidence to support her? What does that say about her?

    Bottom line: There are a lot of question marks surrounding this case and no one really knows what happened in that house the night of the incident besides the people who were there.

    And furthermore, both the media and the public are being INSANELY hypocritical with this outcry for Hardy's head on a platter. There are at least 14 other players in the NFL right now that have been arrested for domestic violence incidents, and you don't hear anything about any of them. It's absurd how people have zeroed in on this case alone.

    Ex: If you found out Steve Jobs had been involved in a DV case, would you immediately give away all your Apple products and never buy a single one again? Just completely boycott them and any other company who they do business with? I guarantee you 99% of people who own Apple products would not. It's beyond ridiculous how people zero in on one or two specific cases of something and completely ignore the rest.
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    post: 6400407, member: 37893"]Ironic. You bring up credibilty due to a persons lifestyle and actions and yet Hardy's actions and lifestyle (ie putting his hands on a coach, dating a coke head, making crude remarks about other players wives, etc) don't impact his credibilty? I've already said this but his actions do nothing to support his "innocence" and only contribute to what his accuser has told police.[/quote]

    Due he was acquitted and his record expunged. The justice system found her testimony conflicting and unworthy of a court trial. Just let it go. I sent you a list of 33 other NFL players that were accused of DV, assault and various other crimes. Some were actually convicted, why don't you move on and start preaching against them now, big Ben too who was actually accused of sexually assaulting (raping) under aged woman and has been treated like hero in Pittsburgh. There are greater dragons to slay than one that was actually acquitted.
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    The list of actors, musicians, politicians, and athletes that have been charged with domestic violence, and worse, is extremely long. Many of them still work in the same field that gained them fame. A number of athletes work for ESPN and the networks as analysts...the same networks that are so appalled at (and misreporting) Greg hardy's ordeal. It's one thing to take a stance against a societal ill, but when you self righteously take that stance and then harbor/support others who have done the same, or worse, then you're just a hypocrite.
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    The simple question I have for you and all the other "he's the worst person in the world" crew is this - IF he truly did all that Ms. Holder claims, why didn't this female judge that has developed quite a rep as a DV crusader a) find him guilty of A FELONY and b) why was no jail time recommended? Lastly, why did Ms. Holder just take the money and run and let this man that she claimed said he was going to kill her just get off free?
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    That is what junkies do.
    They live a dysfunctional life.
    I do not hold Hardy guiltless,because he put himself in a bad situation.
    No matter how many rookie summits they have,or how many counseling sessions they attend,some people will always find trouble,just like some women are trouble.
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    Strawman argument avoiding everything I just said. Man up and answer the questions about how people are going to make a living
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    That is a very simplistic way to put it coming from someone who was not a witness to the incident.
    Beating a woman is a despicable act,but let me run this by you:
    Imagine an enraged Hardy physically engaging an average size woman like Holder,do you really think she'd just have bruises?
    No,there would be multiple bone fractures,like the ones Christy Mack suffered at the hands of MMA fighterJonathan Koppenhaver(look it up).
    Take also in consideration that Hardy and Holder were not alone that night,and it was Hardy who called 911.
    It looks to me that you are only consuming the same media narrative that she is without reproach.
    When you mix coke,booze and jealousy,bad things will happen.Always.
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    Hahaha to say he made a comment "about guns" is about as dishonest as it gets.

    I'll alert PETA the next time I hear someone talk about "beating a dead horse."
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    And mentioning that Tom Brady has a beautiful wife is hardly a crime.

    She is a professional model that just published a coffee table book of artistic nudes for $700.
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    I would bet anything that you are probably 5' 2" and 110 Lbs wet. Beware of the short finger. :laugh:
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    From Broaddus' tape review:

    Eagles drew a huge break, as tight end Brent Celek came across the formation and attempted to block Hardy -- who was flying up the field. Celek ended up tackling Hardy, but managed to keep him off Sam Bradford -- who was able to deliver the ball just before Hardy came by and took a swipe at it. You can see umpire reaching for his flag, but he decides not to throw it -- which allowed the play to stand and gave the victory to the Eagles.

    Kinda makes you wonder if that "break" given to the Eagles wasn't the result of a subversive effort to effect Hardy's success, and thereby his livelihood. The word is out, hold Hardy all you want, no flags.
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    Have to agree.....The outrage on this one is just a microcosm of the venom behind keyboards or mikes. The news around our country, each day, tells the story. Yellow journalism, complete lack of reason/fairness, hypocrites, and the call for guilty until proven innocent, comes out like a dark room with roaches. C'mon Man!!!
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