PFF Gives Dak Bad Grade

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PJTHEDOORS, Oct 17, 2016.

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    I'm not going to trash Romo, I actually like the guy. Romo maDE the wrong decision that day.
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    What? He threw a perfect pass, absolutely beautiful one, to one of the best WRs in the league in 2014. A controversial non-catch does not change it was the right read and throw. Some of you are getting WAY too comfortable with this dink and dunk crap that relies on YAC.

    And all you have been doing is trashing Romo. Don't give us that crap, you're now putting yourself in a corner and trying to get yourself out of it by saying that. Haha
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    Why not use a per-play rating, or weight the rankings for playing time or even break up the rankings into tiers by playing time? It's nonsense to see one player rated higher than another simply because the first player isn't good enough to get on the field as much.

    How about recognizing the flaws in the weighting of their grades and fixing them? How about modifying their rating system to provide a wider range of grades? How about weighting plays by situation? How about hiring people with expertise? How about incorporating objective data into the grading system? How about taking into account the way players are used differently? There are so many ways that the ratings could be improved, and those are but a few.

    You're right, that no system is perfect. But PFF's grading system is about as far from perfect as it could get.
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    how did it help him?
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    It was a very good performance for a rookie QB in one of the hardest stadiums to get a win. Yes he did throw a bad int and fumbled the ball away, but he bounced back which is a good sign. Overall I would give him a B+.
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    I like Romo as a person, I hate him as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. I said that 5 years ago and that will never change. Why? Because he is a bona fide choker. He doesn't have the stomach for Super Bowls. He is a small school overachiever that's it. He will Razzle and Dazzle you in the regular season and fade away like a coward in the playoffs. How do I know this? Because he's done it. The very few times he's actually made the playoffs he simply withering away like a little flower.
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    How about developing your own metric instead of picking away at someone else's? That's the thing, anyone can find a flaw and deride the metric. Very rarely does anyone have the capacity to actually make a better one or understand the limitations of the data or the parameters in which PFF has to work.

    I think the fact 9 or so different NFL teams think that PFF's data is worthwhile and meaningful enough to use says a lot.
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    I'm guessing an interception or fumble is like negative 500 points on their little grading system, so not surprising his score was low. In my opinion, this was Dak's most impressive game. Mostly because of the mental obstacles he had to deal with. Going in to Lambeau, dealing with that atmosphere. Bouncing back after the fumble and then his first interception. Having less than 2 minutes in the half, pinned inside his own 5 yard line... comes up with a 90+ yard TD drive. Clutch throws all game. It was just beautiful.
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    What exactly are you asking? Was the ball perfectly placed for Dez to make a play on it? Yes. Shields was in perfect position on the play, that ball had to be perfectly placed for Dez and it was, everything after that happened is on Dez or the refs, whichever way you feel about ruling.

    That wasn't on Romo.
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    It's hilarious that you'll whine about people "trashing" Romo yet call what Dak has accomplished "dink and dunk." Anyone who knows anything about football knows Dak has not been "dinkin and dunking." For comparison sake, for his career, Romo has averaged 7.31 yards an attempt. Dak? 8.17 yards.
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    Once again, completely and utterly wrong. Highest 4th quarter rating completely disproves this. What games in playoffs are pinned on him? Seattle? His flub wasn't at the QB position, you also understand his flub prompted a rule change right? Giants game? He had two passes in that game, against a damn good defense, that should have sealed the victory. Vikings game? O-line started to show it's age, defense didn't play like it did the entire season. The was a team being destroyed. Lions game? He had a late TD pass that sealed the game. Packers? Again, perfect pass by Romo dropped by Dez.

    So what game in the playoffs was Romo the "choke artist"? There are games I believe he played poorly in, the final game against Redskins in 2012 which wasn't a great year for Romo. Maybe the Eagles game in 2008? But again, entire team looked unprepared.

    You're just talking out of your butt at this point. You have Michael Irving, Sanders, and Shango-like logic here. It's very ESPN/NFL Network-like talking points that people tune out now.
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    This has already been discussed here, before yesterday's game, Dak was 1-9 with 20+ yard passes. We are pretty high in the league for YAC, which factors in to your useless yards per pass attempt.

    It IS dink and dunk. Throwing a screen pass and Beasley picking up 15 to even 40 yards is not the same as completeting a 40 yard bomb. If he does what he did yesterday with those deep ball attempts, sure, we moved from dink and dunk to an actual NFL offense. But do not attempt raw statistics on me again, you know better than that.

    As of now, Dak is 3-12 on 20+ yard passes. Sorry, but those are facts. This nonsense new prop up stat of "yard in the air" stuff makes me laugh. Our team has been doing incredibly well in the YAC department, your bias is showing if you say otherwise.
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    How about, every game he's played in. How about all those eight and eight seasons where he choked and didn't make it to the playoffs.

    I really know that you really want Romo to be this Godly quarterback but he's just not. The guy makes crucial mistakes in the biggest games, and his mistakes usually cost us wins.

    He will be forgotten just like the great Danny White was. At least Danny White made it to three NFC championship games
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    "Every game he's played in"

    Haha, yeah we're done here. Every game he's played in has him at top 5 in all-time quarterback rating. Post to yourself now.
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    A rookie QB goes up to Lambeau, beats Aaron Rodgers and the Packers by two touchdowns, and PFF decides he didn't play well. That says more about PFF than it does about Dak. He showed some things in that game that can't be quantified, and they were good things. A 97 yard TD drive to end the half, along with a couple of other TD passes, more than makes up for a couple of rookie mistakes. Dak outplayed Aaron Rodgers in a big game for both teams in Lambeau, and that gets an A+ on my evaluation sheet.
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    Run along now and play with your dollies, leave the big boy conversations to the men.
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    5-1 is what counts.
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    Dak is getting WAY too much credit for that drive. I hear people talk about it like it's some mythical thing - he came back in less than a minute with no timeouts and had to drive the team blah blah blah.

    1. 1-10-DAL 3 (1:00) Yard marker changed due to change of possession 21-E.Elliott right guard to DAL 7 for 4 yards (95-D.Jones).
    2. Timeout #1 by GB at 00:57.
    3. 2-6-DAL 7 :)57) 21-E.Elliott right guard to DAL 12 for 5 yards (42-M.Burnett, 47-J.Ryan).
    4. Timeout #2 by GB at 00:45.
    5. 3-1-DAL 12 :)45) 13-L.Whitehead left end pushed ob at DAL 38 for 26 yards (21-H.Clinton-Dix).
    6. 1-10-DAL 38 :)40) (Shotgun) 4-D.Prescott pass deep right to 83-T.Williams ran ob at GB 20 for 42 yards (33-M.Hyde).
    7. 1-10-GB 20 :)31) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 4-D.Prescott pass deep right to 19-B.Butler for 20 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
    OK, on that drive he made an absolutely beautiful throw to Butler for the TD. Prior to that he handed the ball off 3 times - after 2 of which GB conveniently called a timeout for us, and following the third Whitehead was pushed out of bounds to stop the clock. Then he threw a pass to a literally uncovered Williams - because the defender fell down near the LoS. There are probably 100 guys in the NFL who would have made that pass. So that amazing drive came down to one amazing throw. He didn't have to manage the clock at all because GB used their timeouts trying to get the ball back and then our guys got pushed out of bounds after each huge gain. It was a great team drive, and it contained one great pass by Dak, but that's it.

    If Green Bay didn't burn their timeouts we were running out the clock, otherwise we wouldn't have been running up the gut on first and second down.
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    Wait, am I not reading that right ? So you're saying Dak held the ball too long and you think the team would be better off with Romo ? The absolute KING of holding the ball too long ? THAT Tony Romo ?

    I love me some Tony Romo, but if there is one complaint I'd have with Romo, that's the one. Come on.

    Plus, after reviewing that play, Peppers absolutely owned Doug Free and was on Dak in less than 3 seconds. That was definitely not an example of holding the ball too long. Especially when the line had been giving him all the time he needed up to that point. I could see if there were a defender in the pocket within 3 seconds on every other pass play, but that simply wasn't the case. Sometimes the defense just wins a play.
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    Romo has also bought time in the pocket countless time allowing his receivers to get open. Romo also checked down to his RBs a lot more to pick up those important 3-4 yards.

    Dak has had trouble sensing when a pocket is breaking down, two weeks in a row defenders have got him from the right side and caused a fumble. For such a mobile and athletic QB, he's been more of a statue than Romo ever was.

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