Please do not pay this guy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WillieBeamen, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Romotil45

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    Andy Dalton can drive the bus for a lot more cap space Dak is nothing special. I wouldn't pay him another penny.
  2. bigE79

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    Wilson definitely and dak ain't wilson,so no he is not..what's his record against winning teams the last couple years?
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  3. Romo_To_Dez

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    Knowing how some Cowboys fans are they still would have blamed Dak if he had thrown it away on 3rd and yet failed to get the TD on 4th down.
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  4. Blackspider214

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    Russell's defense doesn't let WRs run free all game long. His defense actually steps up and makes plays. Where was this defense with any sort of turnover? How many points have they given up in 3 games?

    Wilson's defense won him both games at the end this week and last. Wilson was not on the field to win those games. His defense stuffed Cam Newton last week and they picked off Dak this week. You know, Dak could have gotten a win tonight if this crap defense didn't let Seattle jam it down their throat down up 31-30.
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  5. Irvin88_4life

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    Their offense doesn't suck at all and they have some pieces on defense but they are injured too
  6. WillieBeamen

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    Since you seem to be “civil”, I will bite


    Those are off GP. Im taking all 4 of them and paying them whatever they want.


    Id take those 3 at their current pay because all show tremendous upside

    Im also taking Watson but that may change depending on how this season goes. He has a horrible coach, ol, sub par weapons and a horrible defense.

    Now with that said, does that mean I have Dak ranked top-10? No.

    My biggest issue with Dakota is that he will never be good enough to lead this team to where we want to go. Its not even just his contract situation. I wanted him gone since he was making $2m
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  7. KJJ

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    He plays for the Seahawks try again! I’m referring to one that can replace Dak.
  8. Romo_To_Dez

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    There's a reason why Andy Dalton no longer has a job with the Bengals. If Dalton had what it took to be a starting QB he would have been.
  9. BobbyFlame469

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    He’s the greatest quarterback of this generation though.
  10. rags

    rags Well-Known Member

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    With a 1-2 record in the playoffs, he doesn't deserve $40M a year.
  11. rocyaice

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    Well...I doubt giving him the money would hurt our Super Bowl chances. They didn't win a Super Bowl with the last quarterback either.
  12. Brax

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    Forget the money it going to be a long year from both extremes. O is exciting but you have to field a D, Nolan isn’t impressing me so far but Lawrence and Smith look terrible is it me or does Smith appear slow
  13. Romotil45

    Romotil45 Well-Known Member

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    Theres a reason Jerry brought Dalton to Dallas this is Dak last season in Dallas watch.
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  14. Captain-Crash

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    :clap::hammer: it was eveybodies fault but daks. lmao.. :lmao:
  15. CowboyoWales

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    Spurious question then.

    No, second thoughts its a stupid question.
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  16. Whiskey Cowboy

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    The defense has given up 97 points through 3 games. 3rd most in the league at the moment. The special teams have made critical errors in every game. But sure, let's put it on the QB bc 1 drive didn't end in a TD. You can't expect perfection. Dak has been one of the best at his position this year, and every year he's been in the league....and he's only going to get better. If that's not a guy you pay, I don't know who is.
  17. Northern_Cowboy

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    That's a fair point, but then again the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. So why do it?
  18. rangers71

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    If only the cast off Bengal qb would have played we would have won by 50.
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    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    The first four are fine, although Rodgers is not better than Dak at this point. But we’ll give him benefit of the doubt based off his resume. Fine.

    The bottom four are laughable. And If that’s an honest take, then it’s hard to take anything you say going forward seriously. I like Kyler but he stunk it up against the lowly Lions today. What would you be saying about Dak after a performance like that?
  20. CowboyFanInLexKy

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    We're not on the verge of paying Andy Dalton 40 mil So yes, I would give Dalton more leeway...
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