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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by D_Boyz, Jan 26, 2020.

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    Kobe's legacy outside of being one of the greatest to ever play, is having every teenager and adult on the blacktop who knew they couldn't shoot shout "Kobe" before launching another brick:lmao2:. This one hurts because he's right behind Jordan as my favorite ball player, and he's on my top 5 favorite athletes of all time.
    Shaq & Kobe been squashed their beef years ago, did you not see his post today?
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    I feel rotten.
    It is of some comfort to share this wake with my fellow ruffians.
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    I started to Play Ball because of Kobe. Everytime me and the guys threw Trash in the Bin we were going "Kobeeee".

    Never been more touched by a Celeb Death for Sure. He was just starting to become a legend and ambassador of the game outside of playing with his Mamba Academy and Stuff. That his beloved daughter who wanted to follow the Footprints died too is making this even more unreal.

    Can we restart this Decade please?
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    His daughter...was going to change the face of WNBA. They just lost their greasiest ambassador ever....any girl who plays ball knows Kobe and his academy was central in the future of girls basketball. The ramifications of this is bigger than people realize. NBA doesn’t have him now going overseas to expand the sport and all the stuff he did. This is global....heavily involved as a ambassador of our nation to China and other foreign countries. He reached a ton of kids and people’s all over world. I’m sad for all of them and his family right now...the homeless 8yr old in China with no shoes but had his Kobe Bryant playing card he treasures so much etc. I think about those things ...think about why I’m still here when I shouldn’t be.
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    But I don't want to be a pirate!
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    There are few players in professional sports I have what you might call mad respect for. Kobe was in that group. He was very special. It's a tragic loss. I wish his wife well going forward and the rest of his Family.
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  7. Chrispierce

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    Oh wow....I’m watching full replay KTLA news and Kobe was texting with Shaq’s son 2hrs before it happened. He wanted to check up on the kid after hearing he wanted leave UCLA. That’s got to be hard for Shaq and his son. God love em though for going out caring about people...not a bad way to go out gentlemen.
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    Too sad . Life can be short and unexpected reach out to your loved ones regularly you never know what’s in store let them know you love them
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    Should have seen what some idiot comedian posted to his twitter celebrating the death of Kobe. It was disgusting
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    Unbelievable. Terrible. I was never a Kobe fan but he was all time great basketball player who had Amazing God-given talent and coupled that with insane hard work and an insatiable will to win. I will sign the petition to change the NBA logo in his likeness.
    a legend, husband, father, mentor...
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    Link? That's the first I've heard of any details. Media said they have yet to get answers from FAA.

    Hate in this world today has gone too far. We see it in here.
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  12. JoeKing

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    LAPD had grounded its own helicopters because the fog was so bad on Sunday. Fog definitely contributed to the crash.
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    We should always be trying to make our own sphere of being a better place. It’s why I try and change people here to be better men or women despite all the hate I get for it. If I can just change one persons view on what it takes to be a man or women, then I’ve succeeded.
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    Classic case of scud running.
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  15. JoeKing

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    Keep fighting the good fight, Rocky.
  16. JW82

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    Just sickening. RIP Kobe and everyone on that helicopter.
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    Great song, and artist. I believe Vince Gill's "Rest High on That Mountain" is about him, judging by the lyrics.
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    I then read he claimed it was hacked.

    If we are talking about Ari, that is.

    He's a dark humor/shock comedian last I saw of him, so it didn't surprise me that he posted that. That being said, he gets what he deserves.
  19. Aviano90

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    He said he wanted to be remembered as a talented overachiever. He had talent but he worked as if he had none. That is what made him great. I wish more talented athletes had the same work ethic so we could be treated to more greatness.
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    I did..But man , at SOME point...maybe not now, as time goes on, we need to have this debate, but not on this forum. Too many times we lose good people under what seems to be odd circumstances. AGAIN, maybe that's a debate for another time and place.
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