Twitter: Stephen: Gilbert had a “hell of a day” But Andy Dalton will be Dallas’ starting QB

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Nov 9, 2020.

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    we can’t “ make a run in the playoffs”...can we make them? Sure, because the division is so bad that someone HAS to. There will be no run in the playoffs.

    Developing young guys and seeing whose worthy to stay on the roster >>>>>>>hosting a wildcard game and getting trounced
  2. csirl

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    We used to win SBs in past eras. The Romo/Dak era is full of 8-8 seasons and playoff disapointments.
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  3. plymkr

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    This proves to me the dysfunctional minds of the organization. They'll play the guy they paid money for instead of the guy that gives them the best chance to win. They'd rather lose with the decisions they've made then be flexible and try and win. Pure dysfunction.
  4. plymkr

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    Yep, the team responded to GG. They didn't care about Dalton. Sucks for Dalton. But anyone could see that. Why can't the FO.
  5. CouchCoach

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    The assistant coach has spoken.
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  6. stilltheguru

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    Its established in Dallas not winnibg orginizations
  7. Williamsboys

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    Always remember it's not the boulders that will trip a person up, it's the pebbles"...In our ownership's head.
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    Conspiracy theory alert: Stephen wants to tank for Trevor.:eek:
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  9. dsturgeon

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    He threw for 266 and 1 TD in that game. A game where zeke killed 2 drives with fumbles, gallup dropped a td pass, and the refs killed a promising drive
  10. cowboyblue22

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    this i agree with get the higher draft picks and let mcclay make the picks
  11. dsturgeon

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    We can't make a run in the playoffs right now, but by the end of the season who knows. Injuries hurt other teams as well. You never know.

    I just don't get it. Why root against them, when there is a clear path to the playoffs. Anything can happen.
  12. fifaguy

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    Trying to secure that draft pick I see. Will keep the vomit bag on hand as I watch Dalton get sacked over and over again.
  13. CouchCoach

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    Think there might have been some conversation with Dalton before they signed him about exactly why he would come to Dallas? His plan was to ride the QB FA issue out as a backup and hopefully get another QB1 job. This might have to do with their word to him more than the best decision.

    What do you think it would say about him if they chose Gigi over him? He was trying to help this team and escape a pocket too small to fit on skinny jeans when he was hammered on a penalty play and the image was his teammates didn't give a damn. They can't leave that image out there for possible suitors.

    I do not agree with either one of the tools making that announcement but I do agree with the decision. If it doesn't work, then they can go back and Gilbert might already have the backup QB job in his pocket for 2021.
  14. CouchCoach

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    When was the last time that anything happened in the playoffs?

    This is not a good team, it is not a playoff team and doesn't belong there.
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  15. 75boyz

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    Yep kinda strange. In that they even started Gilbert over Rush. I mean after getting him back and having developed him for 3 years and all.But I guess that would have been admitting they shouldn't have fired Rush over the Nooch.

    So the same principle applies as you mention here. If they started Gilbert over Dalton, that makes them look more inept.

    Appearance is everything. Perception is Reality. Signed...The Joneses.
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  16. windward

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    He’s done it before.
  17. bark

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    You know in 31 other organizations the coach makes that call....
    Carry on
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  18. dsturgeon

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    going into week 10 out of 17

    It is 100 percent feasible that Dalton starts putting up 20+ points a game by the end of the season.

    The defense is improving. They are not going to be a shut down defense, but with Dlaw, Gregory, and Smith, they might start more getting turnovers and sacks

    special teams is showing improvement

    nfc east is open
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  19. Philmonroe

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    Seems a lot of fans are just happy with 8-8 and complaining as long as its not about the QB. They don't want SB wins just average.
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  20. phildadon86

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    Yeah. In a Cowboys jersey?

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