The fact that Romo never won the big one

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bleu Star, Nov 1, 2018.

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    I blamed it on the glitch.
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    Romo is a better QB than Eli if you blindfolded Romo and made him play hopping on one foot.

    Manning used his last name and two fluke titles to last 15 years in this league, 13 of which were mediocre or outright awful.

    The Giants have changed coaches, schemes, etc. and are still 4-20 since 2017. Wonder who the constant is?
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    I'm gonna be a Romopologist for a second.

    Romo only had one team that had a super bowl caliber defense, and it was the 2007 squad that lost to the actual super bowl Champion (who also beat the 18-0 Patriots).

    For me a super bowl caliber defense is one that hovers around top 5-ish or better defensive passer rating. And the only time Romo had one in the top 10 was 07.

    And even though Romo made some mistakes in that game, I can't pin that loss on him.
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  4. Big_D

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    Jerry 'the glitch' Jones?
  5. KingintheNorth

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    He had the best 4h quarter QBR of all-time for a long period towards the end of his career.

    Yet, people remember him for throwing late-game INT's (SportsCenter and social media generation who doesn't watch the game, only the highlights).

    So how can those things coexist? Late INT's and highest 4th quarter QBR?

    It's because the defenses were awful, especially in critical situations. Teams could score on us and would do so rather quickly, putting Romo in constant comeback scenarios and obvious passing situations.

    That, and he didn't have much help on the sideline either.
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    With Hue Jackson gone, Jason Garrett is quite possibly the worst head coach in the NFL, it’s pretty hard to win a SB with that kind of liability.

    Maybe Rodgers with McCarthy but not much else.

    Of course Tony bears some responsibility but I think you would need an all time QB to win a SB with Garrett. He is just awful.
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    LOL, 2015-16 Peyton was physically incapable of throwing the deep ball. His performance was on par with Trent Dilfer in that Super Bowl run, if not worse. Dude was along for the ride at that point.
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  8. TwistedL0g1k

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    The Cowboys never had a championship caliber defense during Romo's time.

    The team now has a championship level defense, but sadly lacks the offensive firepower to challenge the best teams- specifically a QB that can keep defenses honest.
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  9. CT Dal Fan

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    Not only did they never have a championship caliber defense during Romo's tenure, they only had a top ten defense once, in 2009.
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  10. Aviano90

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    This is a generic excuse used too often. Sometimes the defense was awful causing comebacks. Sometimes the offense was awful requiring comebacks. Sometimes both the offense and defense were awful.

    It is a game by game situation, even when we had the worst defense in franchise history.

    We didn’t lose every game 51-48 like we did against Denver in 2013.

    People just want to use high level excuses like no running game, no offensive line, and no defense to make Romo look better that he actually was.

    The fact is the running game and offensive line wasn’t nearly as bad as people make it seem, nor was the defense constancy awful.

    Most of the time we had a decent run game that was often times abandoned and the offensive line was average. A couple times it was poor.

    The defense was the weakness of the team, but that is what happens when most of the team’s resources go towards making the team QB friendly. But it didn’t always crap the bed. There were very winnable games out there for out top offense to take advantage of and the offense let games slip through the cracks too.

    I can give some examples if needed.
  11. aria

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    Long story short...nothing is ever Romo’s fault, literally EVER. It’s appalling you even asked this question. Blasphemy!
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  12. CowboyRoy

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    Definitely not Romos fault. The guy could ball. He just played for one of the worst franchises in the NFL.

    JASON GARRETT!!!! Enough said.
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  13. CowboyRoy

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    Romo had pass catchers, that's all he had. Up until 2014. Romo never had a chance here. Not with Wade and Garrett. No chance at all.
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  14. SlammedZero

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    Laces out Dan!!

    Back to topic of the thread, no, I don't blame Romo. He was a fine QB. His problem was that he was hitched to Jason Garrett most of his career.
  15. Aviano90

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    Not buying it for a second
  16. CowboysExchange

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    My opinion is he couldn't beat the Blitz based upon scheme. The te scheme that doesn't net us any scoring because the talent is inept forever and we don't adjust. Just trying to sell Gronk as a blocker with no receiving abilities .Designated blocking te and fb schemes are for when you've built a lead and you need to run out the clock while conserving freshness. We use them every game and when's the last time we ever gotten a lead because of what a te did as a receiver? Maybe in #82's 8 TD a year prime. But we're always playing from behind in every playoff game

    Let's give Dak a chance and get these supbar receiving tes off the field so we can get some scoring threats on the field for once.
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  17. Big_D

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    Jerry + a crap HC + a no experience OC + a QB who started 10 games in his career? What could go wrong? Hard to believe that group didn't win anything.
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  18. buybuydandavis

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    Team game. Tony wasn't perfect. Neither was the rest of the team, or the coached.

    Had some dud games in the playoffs. Had some great games.

    If Crayton doesn't pull up on the 2nd to last pass in 2007, we beat the Giants. Tony got the ball to the endzone where Crayton should have got it.

    He was great in 2014. 143.6 QB rating in his last playoff game against GB. 114 against Detroit. About 10 yards per attempt each game.

    His only real playoff clunker was against Minnesota. The whole team got stomped good.

    In 2006, he obviously bobbled the nap, but played a decent game for a first year starter. If Grammatica doesn't whiff, Tony gets a first down or td. If the defense holds, maybe we get a score. Not a great game. Not a horrible game.
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    Most 4th quarter comebacks.. "He chokes". Lmao keep cheering for our bum quarterback with your garbage agenda lmao. Brb, gonna go watch the video where Dak gets knocked out in a parking lot. ;)
  20. CowboysBravesSpurs

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    Check Romo's stats in the playoffs. I'll wait.

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