The goat, where does Prescott really rank

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Whirlwin, Jun 10, 2021.

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    you have to understand his mind....its fairly interesting....simplify the his mind, if you don't hate Dak, then you love him and worship him. there is no other possibility. he can't fathom any other way of thinking about this issue.
  2. Praxit

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    I disagree obviously.
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    It was a good responds until "Daks had awful teams behind him". That's simply not true.

    Check Daks numbers the two seasons we've made the playoffs with him (2016 and 2018) and then tell me if those look like the type of numbers a QB with "an awful team behind him" could put up and still go 13-3 and 10-6.
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    To be honest , Danny White has more success as a Cowboy QB than both of them combined and for some reason, he is totally forgot about in the discussion about Dallas QBs. In Dallas, QBs are measured by the number of Super Bowls they win, not by individual stats and regular season wins.
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    Oh . . . I heard other things . . . Like Romo would literally be a Paraplegic next hit He took. . . Or you cant rock the Boat . . . A lot of these stupid ideas were coming from a Coach that believed He actually is a Genius. . .

    If truth be told Everyone had their reasons to throw Room under the bus.

    Jerry was blinded by the Future

    Jason was finally being recognized for his imput, rather then Coaching Romo who Always changed the plays, Garrett got coach of the year

    Typical Cowboy Fans all sounded Like Skip. . . bunch of no nothings agreeing with the Mainstream Media that it was the Wisest decision to not go back to Romo.

    Everyone Parroting what the Talking heads proclaimed. Knowing that everyone hated Romo and the Cowboys and especially their Fans
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    Dak’s value is about as bad as it gets.

    He went from the best value to the worst.
  8. jnday

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    There is no way that he could ever play up to the contract. Jerry will never learn. The team is full of players with bad contracts that the team can’t get out of. Instead of learning from those past mistakes, they repeated it and this contract was even worse. This is the worst contract in team history. Several other teams have taken a big hit, but they traded, cut, etc, these overpaid QBs . They took it on the chin and got rid of the contracts. Jerry took notice and doubled down with the worst contract in Cowboys history.
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    It's too bad that fans measure QB's for the entire team's performance, but it is what it is.

    And yeah, Danny White got our team to the Conference Finals more than once during his tenure.
    But was it him, or was it the team?

    I dislike treating a football team's QB like he's playing single's tennis.

    Things are just more complicated than that.
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  10. Brax

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    Only when they need it , big games it’s a team record.
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  11. Brax

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    Not anymore getting to the playoffs is what is a great season to some, that and good stats.
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    That’s how the great one’s are judged always was and always will that’s why they get the big bucks. Of course you have to get to the big games first.
  13. Corso

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    I think all games are a Team Record.
    Even when the QB tosses a pick 6 at the end of a game.

    It didn't have to get in that situation to begin with.

    Only if the QB straight stinks, and the QB alone, do I blame the QB only.

    And it happens.
    It happens to all QB's of all teams.

    But I hate simplifying a team game (and one of the most complicated of team games) to just one guy.
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    Yes, it is more complicated, but too many times fans want it both ways. If it makes the QB look good, they are all for giving him the credit. If it makes him look bad, it was the team that caused it. I can give dozens of examples with Dak fans, but that horse has been beat to death and none of us are going to change our minds. Jerry made sure that Dallas is stuck with him and that horrible contract for years to come. His great stats are meaningless if they don’t contribute to wins. If his stats are below average, but those stats wins the game, they actually mean something. It is not just a Dak and Dallas issue. Fans of every team makes the same comparisons and they go back and forth giving credit to the QB or team depending on what makes their favorite QB look better.
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    He really has not played long enough to compare with Brady.
  16. Brax

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    Don’t disagree but QB’s like coaches have that honor but not always the QB’s fault but one to draw on depending on if discussion needs a pro or con at that point in time.
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    There was no "right" answer. They went with Dak and his inexperience showed. But in a sense there was precedent for the decision, many years ago but just an example.

    I forget the year, it was late in Staubach's tenure, he'd been out with a concussion (if memory serves) for several games, his replacement wasn't playing well, so they put him in late in the game, and he rallied the team to a win. (San Francisco playoff game maybe?). So they started him the next week, and he was awful, the game was lost.

    Romo had been out so long he very well could have "stunk up the joint" and the Cowboys would have lost. Same as with Dak at the helm. Both Roger and Romo both were experienced vets at the time the decision was made, if Roger was rusty Romo could also have been.

    It's one of those "we'll never know" situations...
  18. jnday

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    You got a good point. Stats have become the one and only measuring stick for many fans, even when those stats don’t translate to wins or they are accumulated after the game is out of reach.
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    It was a different time and a totally different era of the game.
    Back in Aikmans' reign, there were still two a days.
  20. Brax

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    Today individual paper stats seem more important to players and fans than actual team results. Players get big paydays to the detriment to the team and the other players. This is a league wide problem and this is why the NFL has changed the rules to protect the money spent on these divas. Team Success and other players are a after thought , just the way it is, imagine doing average to good at your job and being top paid by a huge margin with no results to improve goals of the company, we just have to remember it’s the entertainment industry.
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