We’ll likely lose Richard for Garrett **merged**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NorthwestDallas40, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. Ranching

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    It's alright, we won 5 Superbowls without him!
  2. cowboyec

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    I think he stays as new D.C.
    Rod retires after our Super Bowl win.
  3. Risen Star

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    Yeah, I was thinking about this. The DC position might not be enough to keep him here.
  4. Roadtrip635

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    I think there is a good chance he stays. Most teams looking for a new HC will be looking for offensive minded HCs. For many teams to be swayed to get a defensive minded HC, it will be very important on who he could attract as his OC. I hear people talking about Green Bay, but remember the reason McCarthy was let go was because of the offense production. A deep playoff run lead by the defense may also sway some teams to look at him more seriously, but his potential OC is going to be a big question.
  5. Hawkeye0202

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    Guys if gets a head coaching offer ( good chance ), he's a goner and there's nothing Jerry can do to keep him but offer Garrett's job.
  6. exciter

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    So with the normal GMs penchant for being ultra conservative, one is going to put his job and reputation on the line to hire a defensive backs coach, who failed at his only attempt at being a coordinator as the head coach. I'm sure plenty of people will be willing to give him a dc position but I have a difficult time seeing that!
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  7. exciter

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    Prior to Oakland's inbecillic contract to Gruden, the highest paid NFL coaches were Belicheck and Carroll at 6m per year. Garret makes 5m. Linehan and Marinelli are 2 of the highest paid coordinators at 1m per year. Opening his wallet has never been the issue!
  8. 3rd_n_inches

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    He was fist fighting before the Philly game he loves working in the Jerry circus
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  9. NorthwestDallas40

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    It's not always about the money. Most coaches dream of being head coaches in the NFL someday.
  10. Fletch

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  11. gjkoeppen

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    I agree that there could be a chance that Richard could leave to be a head coach somewhere, but just because Mike Florio has said it does not make it written in stone. Also this list that the league makes of coaches THEY think could be head coaches, it's funny that every year a team signs someone that wasn't on the leagues list to be their new head coach. Are you saying that Mike Florio has NEVER been wrong? Teams often put out bogus info just to throw off these so called insiders so they don't know what their plans really are.
  12. JoeKing

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    So you talked to Coach Richard about what motivates him? No, you did not and we are not talking about what motivates "most" coaches, we are specifically talking about one dude, Coach Richard. He is close to this bunch of guys and will be inheriting the DC job and will be the heir apparent for the HC job in Dallas which is a very special deal. Get out of here with you generalities and get with what we are specifically talking about with this one guy. Jerry will not let him go.
  13. Blackspider214

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    True there is no salary cap but there is a gentlemen's agreement in place to not buck the system and some owner go rogue and offer some huge contract to a coach.

    What really needs to happen is Richard replace Marinelli (hell, he is already starting to control the defense anyways) and either have Marinelli retire, move to another team or go to coaching the DL (which is what he is most comfortable doing) but keep the same salary.
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  14. Fla Cowpoke

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    Let's scale it down a bit in regard to Richard.

    Maybe for once it is because Marinelli actually has some real talent to utilize in the front seven. This defense wins on the LOS and getting heat on the QB. Our LB play has been out of this world....that isn't due to Richard, that is on Ben Bloom. In the secondary, Byron Jones has made a huge change...but there are a lot of people saying he never should have been a S at all. Other than him, what secondary member has excelled? Awuzie has been spotty and was everyone's target early on. Brown is on and off the whipping post. Jourdan Lewis couldn't get on the field for half the year. Jeff Heath has been same guy as past few years Xavier Woods is developing but still is spotty.

    It could easily be argued that the secondary is still the weak link of our defense.
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  15. Hawkeye0202

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    +1 .......but I think Marinelli allowing him to call plays has kinda made him the face of the D. Also his decision to move Byron from S to CB is paying off big-time. Guess the question is w/o Richard, how good would this D be.
  16. rocyaice

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    I don't either. I just don't think he gets offered that deal. Whoever needs a head coach is a organization in disarray so whoever that coach is more than likely has to be in charge of personnel too. If he's offered a head coaching job....I believe he takes it. But to go from a DB coach to Head Coach....seems far fetched to me.
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  17. rocyaice

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    We will see. I don't see it. Not saying its not possible because anything can happen in the NFL. But the guy got fired by the Seahawks just a year ago. He wasn't hire by anyone as a DC. He was hired by us to be our DB Coach. So to go from that to a head coach a year later? Like I said, I wouldn't be shocked but it seems unlikely.
  18. Mr_437

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    I don't see this being the right time for Richard to be a HC. Coach may even get an HC interview, but I just see him, in Dallas, continuing to build a Top Defense.

    I would be shocked if JG was let go. On the other hand, Scotty is gone. OC search hopefully has some good candidates, nobody's brother-in-law.
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  19. slick325

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    Thanks for the clarity Stash...my man
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  20. rpntex

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    He just got fired from his last job as a coordinator, so I don’t see him getting any quality offers for head coaching positions. At this moment, he is a position coach, and in the past 20 years, you can count the number of coaches who went from position coach the head coach on two hands. I think Marinelli retires, and Richard becomes our new DC/assistant head coach (with a salary to match).

    Oh, he will get some interviews, but a lot of those will be simply to satisfy the Rooney rule. Serious offers? Like I said, I don’t think he’ll get a quality offer from anybody. If he gets any, it’s going to be a place like Oakland or Cleveland.

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