What happens if our WRs cannot separate?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NorthwestDallas40, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. NorthwestDallas40

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    Dak no longer has safety blankets in Witten and back shoulders to Dez. If our smallish WRs cannot separate, how will Dak react? blue white scrimmage was not his best look. Hopefully not a preview of him forcing balls.
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  2. LittleD

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    We will punt more on 4th downs nd lose more games...What else is new. Our WR's can't separate and Dak cannot thread a football downfield. Dak is the epitome of the "Check-down Charlie" QB. We should have known, the draftniks predicted it!
  3. Northern_Cowboy

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    Without having any receivers on the team (to this point) who are going to demand double coverage i think we are going to have a long season on offence. Opposing D will have that one extra guy on D to either spy on Dak load the box or drop back in coverage if we are in 2nd or 3rd and long. This season is going to depend on Zeke and our running game
  4. glimmerman

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    Gonna be a lot of short passes to start. Hoping Dak has been working on his slants. I am hearing our TE are looking good. Don’t let that scrimmage worry you. Our Offense is working on things. And our Defense is very improved and not working on things they are just getting better.
  5. Sydla

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    Then you better hope Elliott runs for 2,500 yards and 20 TDs and the defense is the reincarnation of the 85 Bears.
  6. JMech

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    Are you serious?
  7. Fla Cowpoke

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    It isn't like we have a team filled with midgets. Yes, Beasley and Austin are small, but the others are:

    Hurns - 6'3" 201 lbs
    Gallup - 6'1" 198 lbs
    Williams - 6'2" 210 lbs
    Brown - 6'2" 225 lbs

    Most all of the others in camp are 6' or taller and 200+ lbs.
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  8. mickswag

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  9. Gridiron Man

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    What happens if ___________?

    Endless possibilities. The season cant get here soon enough.
  10. SoupcanSam

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    Witten became the wet blanket last year and that back shoulder fade played out two years ago. And dak still did decent.

    We are better at the position and dak can only improve. I'm not worried.
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  11. Future

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    Well Dak can't consistently throw a back shoulder anyways, so that's fine.

    They're going to build in checkdowns/safety blankets with the WRs. It's not like he's going to be forced to throw the ball down the field more.
  12. blueblood70

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    more of last year im guessing.. :(
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  13. Verdict

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    Well if they can't separate it's time to get new WRs. Why would that be Dak's fault?

    Dealing with poor WR play has warped our collective expectations on receivers. The tired narrative that Dez is open even when he isn't enabled Dez to fail for most of his career, to do what a receiver is supposed to do--- get open and catch the ball.

    Contrary to the old company line---receivers are supposed to get open---make them get open or get rid of them.
  14. superonyx

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    We could do what the top offenses do and start scheming guys open.

    Watch a Patriots, Eagles, Saints, Rams game and notice how often a player catches the ball without a defender draped across their backs...

    There is a reason these smart offensive coaches are getting HC jobs.

    Or we can blame Dak for not being the offensive Wizard Romo became changing plays at the line to create mismatches the coaches couldn’t be bothered creating.
  15. DakPresgoat

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    Exactly. Romo was changing plays, protections and routes constantly the later years in his career. He was the OC. And Dak is far too young in his career to expect the same from him.
  16. Silver N Blue

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    Agree....however when was the last time they could separate in Daks defense. On another note if Blake B can make Hurns a 1k receiver and Dak can’t .... what does that mean?
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  17. Hawkeye19

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    That is a narrative that a lot of people are pushing— but the facts/stats don’t support it.

    He has had an amazing 24 game stretch, and a terrible 8 game stretch. No one saw him doing what he did in 2016– and no one dealt with as much adversity as he did as a QB last year (and he is only in his second year after all— but I digress)...

    Show me another QB that lost his LT and dealt with more pressure over 8 games than Dak. You’ll also have to show me a QB that lost his offense’s primary weapon (Zeke) for 6 games. And you’ll have to find me a QB that had to keep his team focused throughout a national firestorm surrounding a very public and controversial investigation and suspension.

    Got anyone? Thought so... I realize that some “fans” demand results/perfection regardless of curcumstamce or context— but in life, crap happens and last year this team dealt with a very crappy hand, and they came apart down the stretch.

    Good leaders learn from mistakes and adversity— and believe it or not— this team may end up being stronger down the line, and Dak a better QB for having had to go through the fire last year.
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  18. Whyjerry

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    You forgot to mention Linehan's schemes which would have stalled Jerry Rice's career. Dak will take all the heat and they will have another losing season.
  19. Prime21

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    Dez was not a safety blanket. Witten was not a world beater.

    If receivers cannot separate the offense looks like last years offense.
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  20. cowboyblue22

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    lots of excuses for last year for dak and the team in the second half of the season the reality of the situation is that if the quarterback play and passing game don't improve this team wont win many games the running game and defense can be much better but they wont score enough points against the better teams to win those games the quarterback play in yesterdays game by dak was pretty bad
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