What happens if our WRs cannot separate?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NorthwestDallas40, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Anyone complaining about needing serious separation to get the ball need to watch other games and see how often wrs are thrown open in tight coverage. If our wrs need 5 yards separation from a defender to have a pass go their way then there is no other way to say Dak needs to go.

    We'll see how Dak does this year
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    I stand behind your right to disagree with me but, at least defend your statement about uninformed. I've been following this team, its
    players and Jerry for years. I started with the Cowboys of old way back in 1960 when you were probably just a gleam in your daddy's eye.
    I also study film each week.
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  3. erod

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    Not yet. At least not a top 15 caliber anyway.
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  4. DFWJC

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    The term "separate" is relative.
    Some QBs consider a foot to be enough of separation, while others want 2-3 yards.

    We'll see how it plays out this year.

    Those looking for some encouragement from our Cowboy fan POV (so temporaily omit some of the other throws) need look no further than the Dak to Swain TD yesterday. That was about 1 foot of separation.
    Hoping for more of that
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  5. Jenky

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    Please don’t use this excuse again. Receivers are able to separate. The balls are terribly underthrown and the decision to throw takes way too long to process.

    You have Austin who is one of the fastest twitch receivers in the game. This is getting old.

    The real question is does Garrett have the balls to bench Prescott if and when it’s needed.
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    Wow I called that. lol
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    We'll run more fake 'em out plays with Austin?
  8. LittleD

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    Now you see why many of us don't think we think much of our offensive coaching staff. Kris Richard, on the other hand, is a beast!!!
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  9. erod

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    It truly is colossally stupid. Maybe they think that's the only way to get Dak to throw to a wide receiver.
  10. Jipper

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    To take a line from rockie...if our recovers can seperate...

    " my prediction, pain"
  11. DiResta

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    meanwhile...the Chiefs overpaying Watkins (thankfully the Cowboys didnt try to outbid them)
    has really screwed the Giants

    all these new faces, im fine with it
    if nobody steps up and i believe some will then draft a couple more next year
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  12. Northern_Cowboy

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    I think it is even more simple than that, Dak and Dez just weren't a good fit for each other, each of their respective strengths were in direct contrast to what each of them were good at
  13. TexasHillbilly

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    No, he is just negative. Everybody gets an opinion. I believe and hope he is wrong.
  14. rocyaice

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    If your route running is predictable......it won't matter how good or fast these guys are running routes. I didn't see much separation on the blue white scrimmage so I'm not sure if that's because of how great our corners are or what.
  15. TexasHillbilly

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    A voice of reason. Thanks NC
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  16. Rockport

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    It's the same people no matter what the complaint is unfortunately.
  17. glimmerman

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    Romo and Dez had a thang. He could throw it in the spot for Dez to be the only one to get it. And they had a back shoulder pass down.

    Dak isn’t that guy or not that guy yet. He wants a WR to be open. Don’t know if that’s gonna be his style or if he hasn’t progressed that far yet. Hard to tell how high his ceiling is. This year should be a good indication.
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  18. QuincyCarterEra

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    You state the WRs cant seperate, why then would anyone, Dak in this instance, try to thread it downfield. Very few QBs can(Dak can), but none can do it a favorable amount of the time. So are you insisting on throwing more turnover worthy passes?

    You then cite Dak as a checkdown charlie. Which has been said before, but people repeating doesnt make it any more right and or less dumb of a thing to say. Dak was 10th in air yards per pass attempt out of all starters at 8.4 yards. 10th highest is somehow chechdown charlie? Lol.
    That's above Rivers, Cam, Stafford, Carr, Cousins, Rodgers, Brees, etc. So if he's checkdown Charlie, then what are those guys?

    And in 2016, Dak's air yards per attempt was even hihher at 8.7.

    You see what I mean by misinformed? I dont want people basing opinions or stances off of made up illusions.

    You study what film each week and what's your source of watching it?

    Then you say we should have listened to the draftniks about him checking it down, but that's fabricated too. They dodnt say that. Nfl.com didnt say it. Not draftwire. Not CBS. Nobody.
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  19. BoysfaninVegas

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    What happens if an asteroid that nobody saw coming were to slam into the Earth today and eventually kills all living life?

    I love the "what if" game. That one's too easy.

    Why don't we just wait and see when it comes to the WR's.
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  20. Vtwin

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    Before last season how many times was the term separation used around here?

    Remember when "had a step..." was the basis for being open?

    Now three yards of "separation" is necessary?

    "Scheming guys open is as much about RAC as it is about completing the pass.

    A quality NFL qb should be able to complete a lot of passes to guys who "have a step" on the defender.

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