Cris Carter reacts to Dak expects Cowboys to "pay what's deserved"- FTF

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Kaiser

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    The old saying is that "it only takes one".

    Also given Daniel Snyder's personality and intellect I wouldn't put it past him to bid on Dak and drop Alex Smith so he can stick it to a Division Rival.
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  2. CowboysWillRise

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    Yup, u are right about that.
  3. DFWJC

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    Yep..Those guys are going to bump the market up.

    Saving 20 mil in 2019 might make up for that bump though. If anything, it would give them clarity if they seek it. It sounds like you feel they don't seek any clarity at this stage.
    If so, they may go ahead and pull the trigger.
    Should be an interesting offseason.
  4. cowboyblue22

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    fans here are going to almost explode when they see what jerry is going to pay dak he will get over thirty million a year his contract will dwarf what romo got
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  5. SackMaster

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    Unfortunately, if you have a good QB, you must pay to keep them

    Otherwise, chances are you are looking at Brandon Weeden, Matt Castle, Kellen Moore or Kyle Orton as the staring QB.

    "But just draft a QB!" The problem with that is there are far more Johnny Manzels and Paxton Lynchs out there than there are Andrew Lucks and Pat Mahomes.

    Obviously it would be foolish to pay Dak close to $30 mil a year, but low to mid $20s is probably what it will take to keep him.

    Or we can let him walk, bring in a low level vet or draft another kid and pray that he can win in the NFL and/or not spend a lot of time on the IR.
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  6. America's Cowboy

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    Aww, look everyone, it's one of the same Dak bashers spewing daily anti-Dak venom. What's new?
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  7. America's Cowboy

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    (in bold) He wants Romo. Has been this way every day, 24/7, for years.
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  8. Bohuntr97

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    Snyder might be in the market for a QB anyways, Smith's career might be over. That was flat out a Theismann injury.
  9. Redball Express

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    I think the issue we do not understand about paying these QBs is..

    teams are relying on future returns on investment with them.

    Having an adequate coaching staff and ownership willing to stay the course enters into it, too.

    So making decisions on a player at a key position is huge.

    So is being competent as well with management.

    We have had it and lost it and had it again.

    The cycles are always unpredictable.

    I look at what the Packers and Steelers are going thru right now.

    You would not have imagined it 2 years ago.

    But there it is.
  10. Frozen700

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    Good then him get those offers

    And when that team starts banging their head against the wall, we can all laugh
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  12. Hadenough

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    The Cowboys are really stuck in a bad spot. Dak isnt as good as some people see him and the team is making him better by having great players around him. Now he thinks he is worth big money! Too many QBs are getting over paid in this league!
    You let him play out his rookie contract at this point. We have seen his best already and he still is ranked 15 -20 in the league. If Dak takes a leap this year and has 4k yards passing and 28-30 Passing TDs I say give him his money. Those would be top 10 stats. If he has another 3500 yds and 23 passing and 6 rushing thats a problem. You need more passing production because in a few years those rushing TDs wont be there. He will start to feel the effects of the hits like Cam is feeling now.
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  13. DakPresgoat

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    It must be a nice little fantasy land that you live in.

    It’s so easy, yet over half the teams in the league have been dealing with worse QB plays for years.

    Nobody tell all those teams GM’ that it’s easy to find an above average QB......
  14. PhillyCowboysFan

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    Just curious what is the plan then? You stated it’s easier to find QB with Dak’ talent, I’m just wondering what QB’s would that be?
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  15. Risen Star

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    It'll be the worst contract in the league before the ink is dry.
  16. Alexander

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    This is what I would do as well. If he is half as good as the organization and many fans think he is, he should flourish with Linehan out of the picture.

    But I don't think we have the guts nor the inclination. Jerry Jones has already tipped his hand and given away any leverage there was to gain by opening his mouth.
  17. Risen Star

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    Hey, let's pretend that Dak Prescott is a better QB than Scott Linehan is an offensive coordinator.
  18. SDCowboy

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    I seriously don't get why people have an issue with what Dak said.
  19. AmariChill

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    Because these "fans" will use anything and everything that he says against him.
    Dak could literally say; "I'm donating to charity", and these fans will say "Tier 1 QB's don't do that fire him now."
  20. CATCH17

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    I don't know who is available but it won't be very hard to find a QB who can throw for 22 TD's like Dak.

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