Dak - What Is Your Solution?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Feb 26, 2021.

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    Give Romo a call....fresh arm....well rested....should be good to go.
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    I would legit wait to see how Dak can play. Not just a game (regular season) but maybe 5-6 games and ... and a very high level considering his serious injury. Let me flip it back to you. I see a great deal of Dak love and the willingness to pay him Aaron Rogers type money (as if Dak has won anything) and of course that means every other position will need to be value-pay for the next 5 years or so. I see people like you are quick to want to pay Dak a kings ransom. So what do you think Dak would need to prove with his serious injury to garner such a high salary?
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    I'm going all out to try and get him signed with two deadlines in mind, March 9 and probably around April 15, two weeks before the draft. If I can't get it done by March 9, I'm franchising him and April 15 becomes my drop-dead deadline. I will then do everything possible to try and get a deal by April 15, even with short years as he wants. It's my take it or leave it offer. If he turns that down, I'm giving him and his agent permission to find a trading partner(s) targeting Jets, Dolphins, Texans but min offers have to include TWO 1st round picks. But here's the seal.......under no circumstances will he be a member of this team after the draft WITHOUT a long-term deal. Bottom line, I'm bring this to a head, one way or another by the draft. I WILL NOT RISK losing all leverage to try a get either a long-term deal or compensation after the draft.
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    Just thinking back to the days when we had the best defensive line rotation the league has ever seen,, crazy when you think about it.
    We basically had two starting defensive lines.
    What an era, and what a time to be a Cowboys Fan.
    Might have started the the entire FA and cap movement by the league,,, they had to cap Jerry some how.
    He was going to buy out the entire league if they didnt stop him.
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    Which tag designation is used - exclusive, or non-exclusive?
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    No, agents chase the cap with every elevation.
    Cap goes up, everyone feasts like throwing bologna into Piranha infested waters.
  7. Motorola

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    Despite reports of the surgeries being successful and rehabbing going along well, Prescott's return to the football field could be a factor in the negotiations.
    Is the NFL moving to return to the normal team OTA schedules before last year's disruption? Will there be opportunities for the Cowboys to put Prescott through football practice workouts during the two months leading up to the draft - and afterwords until training camp begins?
  8. Typhus

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    Dak wasnt crying from the pain of the injury, those were tears of lost leverage.
    France was definitely shedding more tears on that day.
    Hope Dak recovers successfully, and hope France falls off a high curb after a bourbon street binge and breaks his ankle.
    Why cant life be so rewarding?
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  9. Motorola

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    Different stories on how the negotiations fizzled out last summer before the July 15 deadline. Did Prescott really stepped in over his agent and try to agree to the Cowboys last offer?
    Methinks the rumor salvos from both sides of the stalemate are going full blast when Monday the 1st rolls around.
  10. RoboQB

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    Assuming Dak is still pushing the $40M per year thing,
    I let him go, or sign and trade to the Jets, along with Jaylon Smith,
    for Sam Darnold and some picks and spend the extra $25M on defense.
  11. csirl

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    The solution is simple.

    At #10, we're close to getting one of the best QBs in the draft. Trade this pick and 2022 #1 to move up even further and draft a QB we like.

    Sign an experienced vet to a short term contract as an interim starter/backup.

    Now for the "only 50% of 1st round QBs work out" crowd.

    If the QB doesnt work out - we go again with another 1st rounder in 2023. Likelihood is that the interim vet starter isnt that different to Dak in terms of output anyway.
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  12. Hawkeye0202

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    Exclusive.....easy, not letting another team control Dak's deal, especially now knowing I have to sign or trade him by mid-April.
  13. ghst187

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    I’m pretty sure this would cost us the ten pick but I’d still be on board.
  14. Bullflop

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    The Cowboys' FO have obviously botched their chances of securing a healthy future with what Dak is likely to demand. It'd be great if he were inclined to seriously compromise his demands, although, that seems highly unlikely to happen. At present, there appears to be no one solution that's likely to offer a healthy situation for both Dak and the Cowboys. Granting Dak what the current rate calls for would only make any resolution for a horrible defense quite impossible. It surely seems just a matter of time before Dak will likely be forced to take his services elsewhere. The Cowboys' hand appears to demand that they draft a QB this year to dutifully prepare for Dak's eventual exit. I'd love to think he'd accept being affordable. That's just wishful thinking. o_O
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  15. nightrain

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    I'd offer him his 4 year deal with $100M guaranteed.
  16. Diehardblues

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    Well done !
    The trolls have no real solution.
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  17. Rockport

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    No because of your thread title everyone sees it regardless of they skip it or not. It’s there.
  18. charron

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    Very few players are worth setting the market. If you aren't going all in to put as much talent together as possible like Stephen will not do then none of this matters. They should have gone all in in Daks 2nd, 3rd, 4th years. Now we have an even worse defense, more defensive free agents etc. Signing any non elite qb isn't moving the needle much without defensive help.
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  19. CouchCoach

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    TEAM - what is your solution?

    This just isn't about the QB, does this team look like a contender to you?

    When will that window be open or should I ask "if"?

    This team is a contender in the worst division in the NFL, beyond that it is a very average team....when healthy. This defense isn't about the DC, it's about the lack of talent. What does signing the QB have to do with the defense? You think they will be better at that without him at QB? Why haven't they been?

    Management - what is your solution?

    Don't have one, do ya? Me either, until this changes, the wheel in the sky just keeps on turnin' and going nowhere.

    Note: I see a lot of "tired of this, just get it over". One of the most effective negotiating strategies, wear on the patience of your adversary and frustrate them. We are tired of this because all we do is talk about it. We talk more about this than the people negotiating it.

    There is one simple question to ask yourself. Do you care about the seasons beyond this one? I don't, I only care about this upcoming season and to hell with the unknown future and cap and all that. If you are like me, there is only one solution because having Prescott at QB gives this team, this upcoming team, it's best shot at anything. There is no other solution because not one of those rookie QB's will take this team further than he will.
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  20. ninja

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    Which teams?
    Jets? Darnold is healthy and under a reasonable contract for the next year or so. Jets have second pick in the draft and can have Fields, Wilson, or Lance if they want. Put Darnold on the Cowboys last year and the Cowboys make the playoffs. Put Dak on the Jets last year and they still stink.

    Skins? Dump Smith and eat $15M on cap and add a $40M QB with leg issues. Skins can sit tight at 20 and probably get Mac Jones.

    Pats? I highly doubt it.

    Dolphins? Just drafted Tua and have 3rd pick in draft along with another 1st. Don't see it.

    Which other teams have money to burn?

    Teams would rather have 4 or 5 Top FAs for the same price as Dak. And Dak isn't even healthy right now.
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