DT Trysten Hill could surprise

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by quickccc, Jun 30, 2022.

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    When Gholston was drafted, thought he would be groomed to eventually replace DLaw on the strong-side. He does have ability to kick inside on the nickel, but still believe he is a base DE. Injuries could solve the numbers crunch, but I think if Bohanna shows something in camp, they may just keep the 2 lids over Watkins. We have a few who can play the 1, even if Watkins got released. Still believe Basham could be the guy most in trouble, wasn't great last season and took many of the snaps. If would think they want some of their younger prospects to see more field action.
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    Golston is an end like Michael Bennett that kicks inside some on pass rush downs.
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    Is he our new Randy Gregory?

    Our misunderstood All-Pro just waiting to happen?
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    We will have to wait and see, but if not for the injuries I think Hill would be way ahead of where he is now. We'll have to see how motivated he is in his contract year, but I always thought he had some talent. But he has to show it on the field.
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    He's a rotational DT at this point. Expecting anything more than that is just wishful thinking at this point.
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    Your mind is probably playing tricks on you. Hill played 23 of 65 defensive snaps in that game.. Which means that if you watched someone being pushed all over the field, 2/3 of the time it was someone other than Hill.. Hill was credited with 2 tackles in his 23 snaps. Tarrell Basham played the same number of snaps and was credited with none. Gallimore played 30 snaps and had 3 tackles. I would mildly disagree that Hill has not "shown it" yet. He has flashed at times but consistent with the scouting report on him.. he had some growing up to do coming into the league. That happens with most 20 year olds that you draft. Most can't handle what they get thrown into either on or off the field. I still like the toolset and hold out hope that Quinn can get the most out of him. As for becoming a 10 sack 3 tech? Not in a defense that values rotating fresh bodies in as much as ours appears to. .
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    How many years for pension, 4?
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    Hill's problem is he cannot stay healthy even to practice. If he is healthy I like him better than Gallimore.

    People seem high on Gallimore for some reason but he was healthy for the last 5 games and the playoffs. He was front and center when our interior DL play was at it's worst. Remember all the cutback lanes?
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    Looks like you have the most-informed opinion of Hill so far.

    I didn't realize he was only 20 when we drafted him, but that does make a lot of sense.

    If he stays healthy, this is the year that will tell the tale.
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    You REALLY think the Chargers, who needed a quarterback, would have taken that deal?
  11. KeepinTime

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    I’ll be surprised if he surprises.
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    Mad mad mad with this guy,

    still living off the Tampa D days , nothing new after that,

    this guy set us back years with stupid selections - Taco, Hill , and how many else?
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    .....haha ..oh man, that would be something. But sorry, I just don't see it. This kid looked to need special discipline just to stay motivated.
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    You are probably correct. Wasn't he benched as a starter in college?
  15. Mcsports

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    Not trying to pirate this thread, but this is a point (Gallup injury) that's been glossed over by Cowboys brass and the media all spring. I borrow a quote from the knowledgable RonnieT24 from this thread on Hill's ACL injury.
    "He was never going to be back to full strength coming off a torn ACL. Those things take a full year to get right for people not named Adrian Peterson."
    Now do the math on this Gallup injury (January 2) and we see why Dallas' receiving corps will be a little flat for a lot longer than the Joneses are claiming.
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    Stop the presses! The Jones's lie about everything? Who knew?
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  18. America's Cowboy

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    Trysten "baby cakes" Hill is down to his last hurrah! This 2022 training camp and preseason will determine whether he remains a Dallas Cowboy or not going forward.
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    I would say on half of those he was pushed around.

    It jumped out at me and I wasn't even looking for it, i believe I was reviewing the futility fo Gregory in that game.

    He took snaps away from Osa (29 snaps). I had forgotten Osa's number and kept seeing 97 flashing all over. It was Osa...the guy has freakish ability imo.
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    He's worth a 3rd or 4th rounder.......in the USFL
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