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Is Dak a so-called bus driver?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. LACowboysFan1

    LACowboysFan1 Well-Known Member

    4,598 Messages
    2,852 Likes Received
    He had 23 in 1993...
  2. blueblood70

    blueblood70 Well-Known Member

    10,258 Messages
    7,441 Likes Received
    not true hes run 5 different style of offense including the one with 50 tds when he had Moss threw it all over the place.. Brady can ne any type you need him to be to win games and BB makes sure they have the one best suited for the layers they have..hes dinked and dunked ie Bus drivers but brady can sling it as well and very well..

    Right now top 10

    Brady, Rogers, Wilson, Brees, and maybe Mahomes although id like to see a bit more from him are in the Elite group of tier one

    Tier one after them

    Big Ben, Rivers, Luck, and maybe Ryan.

    tier two 10-15 range any order can be debated Dak at least makes this list

    Cousins(way overpaid)
    Carr?(way overpaid)
    Alex Smith when healthy

    after that who cares but dak is 10-15 and should be paid that way but using Carr and Cousins as not to do lessons..Even Stafford as well..

    I sure would wait to give dak rediclous money until Wentz , Winston, and Mariotta gets offers to really see his so called Market
  3. JoeKing

    JoeKing Diehard Zone Supporter

    20,487 Messages
    17,188 Likes Received
    Is there something wrong with being a bus driver? A bus driver can be unstoppable if he is driving a bad enough bus. So, I think a better question is how bad is our bus? I think the diver is not our weak link. So, pay the man and let's fill some holes through the draft. S, DT, RB
  4. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

    19,008 Messages
    16,485 Likes Received
    It’s a team stat until it fits your hate agenda narrative.
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  5. Rockport

    Rockport AmberBeer Zone Supporter

    19,008 Messages
    16,485 Likes Received
    Obviously he’s not and his new contract will show that.
  6. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

    42,573 Messages
    43,723 Likes Received
    Uh, I wasn't being all that serious, especially to go into a deep analysis on it.

    Nice write up though. But I would not include Mahomes in that top list.
    Remember the year RG3 had, then nothing, mostly from injury, but he never showed anything after his recovery. Let Mahomes have 3 or 4 years then se where is stands.
  7. cowboyec

    cowboyec Well-Known Member

    17,651 Messages
    20,237 Likes Received
    If he is....I hope he drives that muther like Clint Eastwood in The Gauntlet.
    jazzcat22 likes this.
  8. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

    42,573 Messages
    43,723 Likes Received
    Or Sandra Bullock in Speed.
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  9. Aerolithe_Lion

    Aerolithe_Lion Well-Known Member

    4,368 Messages
    3,916 Likes Received
    I agree with your rankings more than anyone else I've seen on this site, however I believe Goff going 24-8 over the last 2 year is staggeringly good, even if Mcvay's offense has a lot to do with it. He has 8500 yards, 60 tds and 19 interceptions over the last 2 years, that's wildly impressively regardless of context.
  10. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

    5,342 Messages
    8,678 Likes Received
    Dak is a bus driver....he’s not asked to throw for 350 yards and 4tds he’s asked to manage the game and not turn it over

    Being a bus driver isn’t a bad thing I mean it’s got us to the playoffs 2 out of three years
  11. LACowboysFan1

    LACowboysFan1 Well-Known Member

    4,598 Messages
    2,852 Likes Received
    Bus driver to me means a quarterback who can't win a game when the team is not playing well. Dak, if for no other reason than his legs, can win and has won in that case.

    So for me, no he's not a bus driver, but also not a top-10 quarterback, at this time.

    Some would say 3 years is long enough for him to develop, but again to me it's not, mainly because a 4th round quarterback isn't considered to be "NFL ready", otherwise he'd been drafted earlier. For example, Drew Bledsoe didn't do that well until his 4th year, ratings of 65.0, 73.6 and 63.7 his first 3 years, then his 4th year he hit 83.7. Not every quarterback develops at the same rate, it's entirely plausible that Dak has been hamstrung by coaching at least to some degree. Aikman credits Norv Turner with getting him to a high level, so coaching can and does make a difference.

    But no doubt Dak is getting close to the point that if he's going to get better it will show, this year I'm hopeful we'll see a noticeable improvement...
    Hawkeye0202 and jazzcat22 like this.
  12. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

    3,191 Messages
    2,147 Likes Received
    Not a bus driver but he is a middle of the pack QB, he needs stars around him to succeed, Zeke, Amari and a good oline, we know what he looks like w/o them, just being honest.
  13. OmerV

    OmerV Well-Known Member

    18,175 Messages
    14,972 Likes Received
    Aikman didn't even throw for 3,000 in 2 of those seasons, and never threw for 3,500. Over that period he was 16th, 4th, 10th, 16th and 13th in passing yardage. Very ordinary. Plus he was 16th, 3rd, 10th, 20th and 19th over that period in passing TD's.

    I do have to correct something I said earlier. I had said Aikman never had a 20 TD season, and he actually did have one 23 TD season. 1992 was his one big statistical season, and in that year he was top 5 in both TDs and yardage.

    In any case, you are getting carried away trying to hold me to an exact comparison of Dak and Aikman's stats. That's ridiculous, Of course they aren't going to be identical in every category in every year. The point simply was there are factors other than passing yardage that go into what makes a high quality QB. That's it.
  14. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

    18,860 Messages
    17,775 Likes Received
    "Training wheels"


    You're killing me with your naïveté

    Training wheels
  15. OmerV

    OmerV Well-Known Member

    18,175 Messages
    14,972 Likes Received
    Yeah, I caught that later. My mistake.
    LACowboysFan1 likes this.
  16. silvrNblue

    silvrNblue Well-Known Member

    2,065 Messages
    1,665 Likes Received
    If your gonna call one a bus driver, then call them ALL bus drivers. personally, I think it's a pretty stupid term to put on anyone. Why not really, really differentiate and get really technical, so Dak is a bus driver, then maybe that makes Watson a taxi driver, and R. Wilson could be a train driver, then you could go all in and say call Wentz a rickshaw driver, and ole Brady the goat well we could maybe call him a Ferry driver...good grief. How about we just STOP all the non sense about who or what any of us thinks about this kid. How about we ALL simply call him our QB? No. I'm not "offended", just tired of the stupidity for the most part on this subject.
  17. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

    42,573 Messages
    43,723 Likes Received
    This is where I think Kitna can make a big difference this year with Dak. But also Moore must be the whiz kid Jerry thinks he is.
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  18. Idgit

    Idgit Fattening up Moderator

    58,163 Messages
    59,334 Likes Received
    Yes, context does matter. which is why citing a stat based on 20 snaps without that context or without the context of the game situations for those stats isn't indicative of very much at all. In the case of the 4th down passing stat, it's based on 3 picks on 20 attempts. We don't know down, distance, time on clock, anything. There's a big difference between a hail mary getting picked as time expires and missing double coverage on 4th and makeable, for example.
  19. Aerolithe_Lion

    Aerolithe_Lion Well-Known Member

    4,368 Messages
    3,916 Likes Received
    In that regard, he's only played 3 years so I can use that argument to throw out everything he's ever done because he's not a 15 year vet with proven sustainability. Every single individual snap matters like life and death. It's never 'just 20 snaps'. Every single one of those snaps were one of the most important snaps of that game, of that month, maybe of that season, hence going for it on 4th down. Even if its a hail mary getting picked as time expires, its because you put your team in that position to lose, you needed that hail mary just to compete. Still telling.
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  20. northerncowboynation

    northerncowboynation Well-Known Member

    7,926 Messages
    6,303 Likes Received

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