Is Dak a so-called bus driver?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Apr 16, 2019.

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    One of those sites that doesn’t keep up with wins and losses is the NFL... because it’s not a real stat.
    Just because in your weird bubble people worship a fake stat doesn’t mean the rest of the world does. You’re going to have to try harder than that here. Try using stats that describe how a QB throws the ball. You can do it.
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    Probably not. The key is what Troy did with that Elite supporting cast. How much more Elite supporting cast does Dak need? Elliott and Cooper not enough?

    I’d argue they might be if Daks talent level was as Elite as theirs.
    Is that fair?
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    Man please. In 1991-1995 only 8 QBs threw for more than 4k yards.


    Troy ranked top 10 once and top 5 once. In an era with greater QBs. Dak has only finished top 15 once. And before you say “b b but we are a run first team, Troy had the greatest RB of all time on his team.

    Out of all those 4k yard seasons, none of those QBs had running backs in the top 5 in rushing.

    Stop. Comparing. Bums. To. Legends. People
  4. WillieBeamen

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    Thats an impossible question to answer. Troy sacrificed personal accolades and glory for the team/system. There is no doubt in my mind he would thrive if the offense was based around him. He was clutch/accurate/smart and had a cannon of an arm.

    I can flip your question and ask you if the greatest rb of all time (Emmitt) and a top 5 WR of all time (Irv) would win a SB without Troy?
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  5. Idgit

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    This is you opening up Dak’s career splits page and looking for outliers. 4th quarter passer rating is really low. On 20 career attempts. Because of three picks in those situations. Compare it to his OT passer rating of 152.1. On 13 attempts. The context matters. Otherwise all you’re doing is opening the split page and looking for the 5 or 6 lowest numbers and reporting them out of context and letting people assume they’re significant.
  6. Aerolithe_Lion

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    *4th down passer rating, because unless it's very short yardage, its not a running down. How many Zeke carries did Dak have in those 4th quarters? How many times did the defense have less than 8 in the box? less than 7 in the box? Context matters.
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    Nuclear War is right...

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    No, he's a bus rider.
  9. OmerV

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    That's a false characterization of what I said. The obvious point was that there is more that goes into the value of a QB than just yards per game.
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    Get a bit confusion one year if you talk about a QB stats people comeback and say it is not about stats but winning, if you win it is not about winning it is about stats. Go figure

    Stat wise last season Dak is hitting 67.7% of his passes. 22 TD passes to 8 ints not a bad TD to int ratio an additional 6 rushing TD because he has the skill to pull the ball and run when need be. As far as I'm concerned Dak must continue to work and improve as a QB on the flip side he is not a bad QB and very capable and has shown he can handle the pressure of late game situations where he has stepped up and made big plays.
  11. slick325

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    Steve Smith, Sr. asked why Good Morning Football wanted to segue into Dak contract talk after mentioning Russell Wilson's deal. He said, "for what? You gotta pay Ezekiel Elliott first. He's the real QB of that team."

    So it appears that Prescott can be perceived as a bus driver. By fans, media and former star players alike.
  12. GenoT

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    Wishing Dak's bus had a better maintenance crew than Jerry & Jason...
  13. Streetwise

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    The "Bus driver" label is meaningless.
    Same with "carries the team." Both are false narratives.
    I also couldn't care less about individual stats specifically for a QB. That crap is for the fantasy fans. Stats are fun to compare though.
    Team wins are all that matter. Aikman didn't have record breaking passing statistics, but he had great talent around him, was a fantastic leader and played great in the post season.
    Romo had fantastic regular season - team record stats and look where that got us?

    We're surrounding Prescott with talent and he plays well in the post-season.
  14. Mr_437

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    Props for the research.

    Yes, Dak is a bus driver for now, we'll see if he improves.
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  15. CowboyRoy

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    Up to this point in his career that’s what he has been asked to do. When he has been called on to win games late he’s had more success than anyone over his 3 years.

    I would expect to see that begin to change as he moves past his 3rd year.
  16. Diehardblues

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    How much more surrounding talent does he need?

    Winning regular season games and playoff appearances is fine but with WR1, league leading rusher , 2 Pro Bowl OL and top 10 defense is our expectations any higher that divisional round appearance ?

    Can’t help but wonder how a more prolific passer might elevate and take more advantage of the supporting cast.
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  17. CowboyRoy

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    So far he’s been a bus driver.
  18. erod

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    Clearly, unmistakingly, and obviously.....yes.
  19. CowboyRoy

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    It’s a hollow question. 90% of qbs wind up being bus drivers their first few years. Even many of the greats.

    The question should be.....can dak become anything more than a bus driver?

    Aikman never became anything more, but he rarely had to be.
  20. Future

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    Of course he's a bus driver.

    But what we need to stop doing is acting like bus driver is synonymous with "bad." You know who else is a bus driver? Drew Brees.

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