Sturm's Morning After: Cowboys have a coaching mess; Garrett ignores reality of the underdog

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Alexander, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. CowboyChris

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    I woke up this morning and saw that the Titans fired Whisenhunt, i think thats the first time ever i've been jealous of the Titans!!
  2. Idgit

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    Did he? Or is that just how you'd prefer to remember those teams? I don't remember achieving all that much under Parcels.
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  3. Idgit

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    Newsflash: Garrett is not Belichick. And Payton wouldn't be any better off than Garrett was.

    He's a good coach. Who's built a good team. One that's faced some adverse circumstances this season. Eventually, you're going to have to learn to accept that. Just like we all learned to appreciate Romo, despite the same sorts of arguments to the contrary.
  4. Dave_in-NC

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    Run the rosters side by side. That might help you remember.:p I'd do it for you but I'm lazy.
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  5. Arkyvarminter

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    Parcells did ALOT more with ALOT less. If it weren't for Parcells, Romo might be playing somewhere else because there is no telling what Garrett would have done with a guy like Romo.....
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  6. Fuzzee

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    Now your flipping flopping again, previous post you said this team is not talented enough. Now Garrett built a good team. I have seen to many embarrassing losses under Jason Garrett to believe he is the savior. Setting new franchise low records is not a recipe for success... and Sooner or later even the die hard Cowboy fans are going to get tired of excuses. Romo is the sole reason this team is having any success under Garrett. He has/is proving he can't not win without Romo.
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  7. Joe_Fan

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    The problem is that we're not doing anything to try to win. Period.

    If anything our play calling has directly been responsible for why we've lost.

    When I as a fan can pretty much call each offensive snap do you not think that a NFL DC can't do the very same thing?

    I mean come on already. We aren't in 2014 where we had Romo saving the stupidity of our game calling and hiding our warte any more.
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  8. Arkyvarminter

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    I think if Romo wouldn't have been injured the Garrett bashing wouldn't exist, justified or not...........
  9. plasticman

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    I don't care if you are freakin' Vince Lombardi...

    In fact, let's take out Bart Starr, Jim Taylor and Max McGee for at least half a season. It's over.

    Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. It's over.

    Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swan, and Franco Harris. It's over.

    Our three guys from last season don't belong in this class?

    The leading rusher, highest rated QB, and highest scoring WR in the league last season on the same team? Would you like to know how many of those HOF triplets accomplished the same? None!

    The Cowboys lost the NFL's leading rusher for the previous season to free agency, the first time in history that the leading rusher from the previous season played for another team. Then they lost the NFL's highest rated quarterback from the previous season and the NFL leading scoring WR from the previous season.

    And it's on the Head Coach? That's a fair analysis?

    Gimme a break, okay? Just stop it. You might as well blame a natural disaster on Jason Garrett as well. As a matter of fact, where was he during Katrina?
  10. Doomsay

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    Yeah, nothing but revisionism and loss of credibility on his part.
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  11. cowboyblue22

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    if this team was as talented as some think they could at least win one or two games they are not tony is elite this team is not just average why do you think thy don't compete for superbowls yearly and the coaching is not all that either without tony this team is lost and they just keep losing.
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  12. Sydla

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    And yet it happens around the league. Mike Tomlin, who apparently is "average", has somehow won games without Big Ben with the likes of Vick and Landry. Chip Kelly, who people here think is a boob, went 4-4 with Mark Sanchez last year including slapping us around in Dallas on Thanksgiving. A few years ago, Mike Tice beat Philly in Philly with Joe Webb for chrissakes when Philly was playing for home field advantage in the playoffs.

    You guys are acting like it's completely impossible for a coach to win a game with a backup QB.
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  13. Sydla

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    This rant would make sense if Garrett was coming off years of success.

    But he's not. He was a medicore .500 coach before last year.

    And again, this isn't about him posting a winning record over the Romo-less games. It's about sneaking out just one win against some average opponents over this stretch. Not 5 wins. One. Not 4 wins. Just One. Not 7 wins. Just One. Not win the SB with Matt Cassel. Just get one stinking win.

    And the bizarreness here is that here you don't want anyone to put any blame on Garrett but then yuo started a thread where you said it was a mistake to bench Weeden for Cassel. Wut?
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  14. Idgit

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    We've been missing a lot more than a QB during this stretch, which is obviously the point.
  15. Sydla

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    This is kind of like reaching the end of the internet. When will you guys run out of excuses for Garrett?

    At what point will it dawn on you that he's not a good coach? The day he finally gets fired?
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  16. Idgit

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    Sigh. I've been saying the same thing all along. Don't pretend the story's suddenly changed. Because it's obviously the case.

    As to when I'll call him a bad coach, that will be when he becomes a bad coach. It won't ever happen just because a bunch of fans on the internet are out for blood and don't know who to blame.
  17. Sydla

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    I know it's hard for you to come to grips with this, but it's quite possible people are blaming the right person/people and you are the one who is misguided.

    It's not impossible that the problem, is in fact, the coaching staff.
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  18. Apollo Creed

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    Garrett carries himself like Bill B or Greg Pop - like he's won 10 titles or something.

    If he got fired this year, he'd go be a coordinator in Cleveland if hes lucky. Only in a delusional section of our fanbase, do we think we have the next 'Landry' on our hands. He's just a product of nepotism, he never earned his job, he's thrown his only saving grace - Tony Romo, under the bus countless times. And now we're stuck with him for another 3-4 years.

    Clap away RJ, thanks for pissing away the prime of our franchise QBs years by ineptitude and delusional confidence.

    Btw, those coach-speak pressers were cute when you're winning - now you just look like a ********.
  19. CowboysFaninHouston

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    so a coach is expected to produce regardless of the talent on the team? so if a top 5 player is missing from the team, the expectations are things move forward as is. there are probably about 3 coaches in NFl history that could do that. one of them is billicheck. the other ones are dead.

    the winning seasons can easily be attributed to the offensive performance. the offense ranked #3, #13, #2, #7 as opposed to the defense which ranked #24, #25, #24, #10.

    it looks like garrett covered wade's warts with the team with the offense clearly out performing the defense. that #7 ranking was after the total collapse of the team in 2010 going 1-7. and it wasn't the offense sucking it, it was the defense sucking it too. there is absolutely no denying the team and the entire team quit on wade.

    and don't get me started on Williams and TO, both of which were two of the worst Jerry the Gm moves ever. Parcells never wanted TO....and garrett never wanted Roy Williams.

    lets also not mention that we had 4 of the worst draft years ever with wade as the head coach....

    wade at best is a DC, that's where he succeeds. he sucks as a head coach. that's been his history every where.....

    somehow other GMs are smart enough to sign and draft effective back up QBs and yet jerry signs weeden and calls it a day!!!!
  20. CowboysFaninHouston

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    parcells helped restore some talent on the team. but he had two winning and two losing playoff victories.....and a .500 record.
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