Sturm's Morning After: Cowboys have a coaching mess; Garrett ignores reality of the underdog

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Alexander, Nov 2, 2015.

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    They wanted to run him out of town on more than 1 occasion up there. Sure he has to rank above Garrett if this were a list from 1 to 32; however, it's a similar approach. He maintains team discipline and the locker room mentality/team-chemistry and works with the front office on personnel decisions while having an OC and DC run the schemes.
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    What's childish about the point? Not every one worshiped Marinelli last season like you said. He did a good job but then again he didn't need to do much. This season he's doing great.
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  3. Sydla

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    How big of you to say you would now rank him over Garrett if this were a list from 1 to 32.

    The reality is that calling Coughlin "average" in the similar way Garrett is "average" is ridiculously absurd and just higlights that you are too far in the tank for Garrett at this point to be objective.

    You could poll 100 former and current NFL coaches and GMs and ask them if Coughlin and Garrett are both in the same class as a head coach and most, if not all, would just sit there and chuckle.
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    Dumb article. 43 days ago, blah blah blah, Garrett sucks at coaching, blah blah blah.

    Teams don't win without good - great players. Coaches don't win without good - great players. Anyone think a different coach could make these two QB's better players don't have a proper grasp on reality.

    This is just a stupid article
  5. Sydla

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    So.......... it's impossible for a coach to win one or maybe two games over a 5 game stretch with a backup QB?
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    and if Cassel is picked off (again) going downfield, the same people who are criticizing the "conservative" approach are howling about Garrett taking an unnecessary risk.

    There's an old baseball adage that says " make the opponent beat your best pitch". Matt Cassell throwing the ball - anywhere on the field - isn't the Cowboys' best pitch. The running game was picking up good chunks f yardage on 1st down, thereby making 2nd down a more manageable play call. I have no problem with that series, aside from the execution. The swing to Beasley on 2nd down had a little something set up, but Cassel threw a terrible ball. The play call was the problem, though.
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    Sorry Cath, but unless you have played at a pro level, coached or been in management, all the watching TV gets you is an opinion based on TV.
  8. rpntex

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    Look at it from this angle...

    Take any coach with any OTHER team in the NFL, then take away his starting QB and his most elite offensive weapon.

    How's his team faring now?
  9. Ender

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    With these backups and against the teams we've played, most likely. These arguments are completely irrational, just sounds like whining scapegoating instead of just accepting that the season is lost due to the massive amounts of injures. We lost the 4 best players on the team from last year through most of this year and people are complaining about Garret.
  10. Doc50

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    No, he can lead very well; the players are in agreement on that.

    The offense is simply missing its co-ordinator -- Tony Romo.

    He takes vanilla and turns it into banana splits and hot fudge Sundays.
  11. Sydla

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    What's irrational is constantly coming up with excuses for Garrett. When he was slogging through 8-8 seasons, excuses galore.

    Here's the reality. If Jason Garrett is a quality coach like you seem to be insinuating, then Jason Garrett should have found a way to win just once in these last 5 games. Because that's what a quality coach would do.

    Eventually, people will realize just how average a coach he is. Unfortunately it will be at the expense of wasting Romo's last few good years.
  12. Idgit

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    Quality coaches don't magically win games. They need players. It's kind of absurd to keep insisting that 'coachin' 'em up' is a legitimate option in the face of the evidence that it's really not.
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    Wade has three winning seasons and 1 losing season. That's not losing the team, that's one bad season and a season where Garrett absolutely sucked.

    Garrett didn't produce anything, because that offense with Romo was already top five in yardage. Just as he can't produce now without Romo and you guys are making all sorts of excuses for him. If Garrett was 5-3 with Kitna, why are you making excuses now when he supposedly cleaned up the Jess he inherited from Wade? That same Garrett is winless without Romo the past two seasons.

    That being said, that is all the statistic measured yardage. Each year, Garrett grew worse and worse, particularly in the red zone. That's why Jerry leveraged a draft to get Roy Williams to play alongside TO. During those days, the Garrett homers, despite the offense being 'top ten' were saying the fault was TO... You see how the cherry picking of stats works?

    That 1-7 season, when Garrett went 5-3, was when Kitna threw more INTs and the defense got close to 30 TOs, because Jerry went buck wild and the defense had nothing to lose. Before then, defense had like 1 TO.

    So even here, you don't have a good example of Garrett coaching, but Paul Pasqouloni turning the defense around and he left the next season. And Garrett got Rob Ryan, who failed here and Garrett said didn't produce enough TOs for his offense to score..
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    Haha, what? Some of you people.

    Watch the Jags and Packers games in 2010 to see Wade losing the team.
  15. GimmeTheBall!

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    1.Off course his players agree he can lead -- they are glad he ist not a leader like Coughlin or a Belicheat both who can scrap paint of a wall when they angry!
    2. And yes Romo the Creator is a co-ordinator. BTW Romo ist a great one in the regular season. Butt how great a co-ordinator in the postseason? he choke in the playoffs. I dont think he will be in der playoffs in his lifetime, butt I only base that on PAST ESPERIENCE!!!

  16. Dave_in-NC

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    Parcells did more with less.
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  17. khiladi

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    Did you see the Saints game and Bears game, the year Garrett got demoted?
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  18. big dog cowboy

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    Talk about revising history. Why do you think Wade was fired mid-season? The team couldn't have quit on him any more if they tried to.
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  19. TexasFrog

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    Heck Chan Gailey did more with a lot less! My problem with the excuses are that it flies in the face of what is happening in the NFL now...crap QBs have to win some because the elite are few. Jets are 4-3 with a Fitzpatrick/Gino pupu platter. ButtFumble won games for the Eagles last year. People act like we are the only team with QB issues. Isn't it weird that we haven't had a backup win a game in 5 years? That is either on GM or coach or both
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    Think about this....what exactly has Garrett done to earn his job in the last 5 years....Then think about what Sean Peyton would do to steal one WIN, What would Bill Bilicheck do to get ONE win.... Its worthless even talking about Garrett anymore.....its been like this for 20 years Why change now.....just another typical Cowboys team with different coach and different excuse.
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