What are the benefits of this team going to the playoffs?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by rockj7, Dec 12, 2013.

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    LOL, the true GM.
  2. Blackspider214

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    Agreed. Everyone pretty much knows we aren't going to win it all.

    But ummm we have not made the playoffs now since 2009. I think it's time to go back.
  3. khiladi

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    We've got 25 TOs this year in three less games played than the 16 total we had last year. We had 14 TOs last year at the same time we had these 25. If anybody thinks our offense doesn't owe this defense for it's scoring, they are deceiving themselves. Offense has improved... LOL... Nothing but blind scape-goating of the defense. You blow this defense up totally without addressing the offense, your not solving anything.

    The only thing this offense is doing differently is playing conservative and throwing in a coupl of 5 WR sets and some more play-action, whic only really started when Wade went up into the booth. Outside of this and the one successful bootleg play-action it ran last week which totally faked out everybody, because it was so unusual, it's the same routine.
  4. CaptainMorgan

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    Im sorry but watching this team Is not "fun" its painful and embarrasing.

    Sadly im a fan and I just have to deal with it.
  5. Animosity

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    Our offense scored 14 points when the game was competitive, led by our overpaid bum of a QB.

    You know who scored more points against the Bears?

    Matt Cassell.

  6. jterrell

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    please dont post silly things.

    yes, this defense has created turnovers.
    they've also allowed a league record yardage total and prevented this offense from getting the ball other than via kickoffs for weeks at a time.

    seriously, stop. you're certifiable.

    this team and last years are both bad defensively, but last year they had the occasional stop.
    this team gets the occasional turnover.
    end of day total stops and turnovers are bad for this team, historically bad.
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  7. khiladi

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    What part of relatively late into the season Dallas being middle of the pack defensively in scoring do you not understand? The Saints and Bears game distorted those numbers heavily to make them drop to 26.

    Anybody that claims this defense was just getting 'occasional' stops is being blind to reality. yes, the defense sucks, but it ain't the only thing that is sucking.
  8. jterrell

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    the game was only competitive because we scored 14 points in 2 drives.
    The second we didn't score a TD the game was over.

    the defense had zero drives where it forced a punt ALL FRIGGIN GAME.
  9. Coy

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    Although I agree with this statement I understand where the OP is coming from.
  10. Fritsch_the_cat

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    Uh, yeah, so do I. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

    You were the one wondering why everyone couldn't just enjoy the game. I'm glad to see you didn't enjoy that butt kicking either though.

    Oh, I see, it's some sort of societal problem. We'll no one has ever liked to lose, not now, not ever. Discussing our teams, what they should do and what they shouldn't do is also part of society, it helps bring us together and makes us feel like we have a common cause. It's not life or death, we know that. It's our escape from the every day and some of us approach it differently, just as all things in life.

    So I'm glad that "we'll get 'em next time" thing is working for you. As for me, I'm tired of saying it. I don't believe "we'll get 'em next time", as I see a pattern here, one that has been repeated for several seasons now. I haven't cried about the Cowboys losing since I was a little kid. Now I try to figure out what isn't working and hope it changes. What I see is a team that gave up, flat out gave up, and that is not the spirit of sport. There is an old saying "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game"

    I have never participated in fantasy football or played Madden, so I have no idea what that has to do with what I said. You'll have to humor this old fart and explain that to him. In my real world, my team is getting it's behind kicked royally, and I'd like to see that change. That's my way of dealing with it. Sorry if it doesn't meet your approval.
  11. khiladi

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    This is coming from the guy that thinks Dallas uses play-action as a staple of their offense cause Jason played on Norv's team in 1993 only to find out they were dead last in 2012 and were among the bottom this year and tried to get out of the argument by arguing over my obvious use of hyperbole as being 'literal'.
  12. Proximo

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    It is true that we do not look like a championship team right now, however any progress is good progress. If we win the division or somehow make the post season as a wildcard it's at the very least a step in the right direction. Especially considering we're probably going to have to win the dreaded "win or go home game" in week 17 in order to get there. And I'm pretty sure we'd all love to see the 'Boys win one of those after the way the last 2 seasons ended.

    And you know what, at the very least, the benefit to making the playoffs is that me, you, and every other Cowboys fan is guaranteed at least one more game to enjoy before the long offseason starts.
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  13. stasheroo

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    I think each fan needs to ask themselves the question:

    Is a playoff appearance worth another year or more of this same front office and staff?

    My answer is No.
  14. jterrell

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    ahh so i ask you not to post stupid things and you post worse than stupid things.

    good job. good game.

    i like the schtick.

    btw, first pass they threw monday night? play-action.

    they run play-action when there is hope of fooling anyone by actually having run the ball.
    doesn't happen often and the historically bad defense rather takes the suspense away.

    not a lot of play action in the 2 minute offense this defense forces us into all game.

    but i guess it is possible you know more about play-action than jason garrett who simply learned the play-action offense as a QB running it.
  15. khiladi

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    The Redskins forced the Bears to punt only 3 times. All 3 of those punts came in the 1st and 2nd quarter. The Redskins, let by that powerful RG3, scored 45 points. They scored 21 in the second half without forcing any punts.
  16. jterrell

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    no fan gets to make that choice so the question is moot.
    anyone who thinks this front office changes because we go 7-9 is seriously deluded.
    coaching changes? sure, they probably fire kiffin if we finish 7-9 but little else will likely change.
  17. khiladi

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    There you go again....... Hyperbole versus last in the league in 2012 and among the worst this year, and they only started doing it afte Wade went up into the booth... now it's about only running it when there is somebody to 'fool'... just stop waffling
  18. jterrell

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    not sure you are aware of this or not but 3 punts is far more punts than 0 punts.

    the cowboys offense had 8 possessions of the ball. they scored TDs on half those possessions.

    anyone who thinks scoring a TD every other time you get the ball is bad simply sucks at football.

    could the offense be better? sure. could the defense be worse? NOPE.
  19. khiladi

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    Reading is fundamental. There is a reason I wrote the following sentence:

    Our 14 in the second half came in utter garbage time, one by our lovely back-up QB...
  20. jterrell

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    toolbox, i havent waffled once.
    they do not run a high dose of play action.
    i never stated they did. i merely told you reasons why they haven't or weren't.
    i said garrett knows far more than you about play-action and that you are largely football stupid.

    i stand by all that firmly.

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