What exactly does Garrett do?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by waldoputty, Feb 10, 2019.

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    that is what u say to all the guys

    u got some great marketing in this thread
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    jimmy had his fingerprints all over the defense. and does anyone doubt how quickly jimmy would have fixed the timekeeping, predictability and other issues that everyone pounds on the coaches?

    since the offense is so predictable, moore is going to have to a massive amount of work to do to take out all the tendencies with formations, etc.

    when garrett was first hired, much ado was made of his huge playbook and how it was this 'space age' advanced etc.
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    garrett, stephen, jerry, moore and @Ranching
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    Collects a pay check, ok.
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    Yeah, what he said.
    We are dangerous blokes!
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    True words. I could do a LOT of clapping for $5 million. :clap::clap::clap:
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    This has been something that has bothered me about Garrett for a long time! I have heard several ex NFL players state that the Cowboys offensive philosophy is to go into games doing what they want to do running the same plays week in and week out. One of the players stated that this is the type of offense the Steelers run because he played for them. He said most teams in the NFL cant run this type of offense because it requires a lot of talent to be effective. Most teams will scheme week to week depending on their opponent.
    We have seen this go on way too long and that also answers my question of why Garrett is the worst coach in the league at making adjustments because he doesnt have a plan B and why he has not improved as a head coach.
    Garrett and his offensive staff never coach during the game. When is the last time you saw Garrett sitting down with Dak looking at a Microsoft Surface tablet reviewing what is happening on the field. Or the Oline coach Columbo standing there with his guys going over plays and talking about whats actually happening on the field.
    The only coaching going on during a Dallas game I ever see is Kris Richard and Marinelli.
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    I'm not sticking up for Garrett, just making an evaluation. But you can't understand the difference, apparently.

    I will no longer reply to your posts on this matter, it's not a discussion only you putting meaning to my replies that aren't there.

    Next subject, please...
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    You will go to great lengths to ignore the fact that it’s not uncommon for head coaches to neither design offenses or defense or call plays for the sake of fabricating an argument against Garrett. There are very real arguments against Garrett, but this is not one of them.

    I disagree completely about the task you are talking about with Moore. Predictability comes with running the same plays in the same situations, and simply not doing that would eliminate a lot of predictability. As for formations, I read awhile back that the Cowboys don’t use formations much different than the Rams, but the difference is the Rams disguise things much better with shifts and motion before the snap, so it’s harder for defenses to read what the offense is doing. In other words, cosmetics designed to deceive. Adding those things is not a massive undertaking - the concept of motion and shifts is not foreign to players. On top of those things, Moore can add some of his own plays and wrinkles, and the offense can look very different.

    I still don’t recall the term “space age”, and I don’t recall any discussion of him doing things that have never been done before, or creating plays nobody has ever dreamed of. I think that’s a large exaggeration on your part.
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    Below average sucks in my book. He needs to go. You want to split hairs then be my guest.
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    he's the Cowboys' resident genius.

    did you not get the memo?
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    Well he disguises his genius very well, apparently...
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    10 more years you are going to be impressed
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    Guess that depends when Dallas is winning he does nothing yet when we lose it is all on him. As HC he oversees the team he will get blame for starting 3-5 rightly so but few will give any credit for turning this team around and getting to post season and beating seahawks in post season.
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    He claps.

    He calls timeouts.

    He throws the challenge flag.
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    Has anyone ever seen him Garrett into his head set?

    I keep trying to find a clip but all I ever see him doing is moving the headset around on his head or adjusting something around his belt.

    I'm started to wonder if its even connected
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    I think it is just the opposite. He gets a lot of credit for the turn-a-round, with some saying he should have gotten COY. But he was responsible for the bad start too. I'm not a Garrett fan and want him gone. As long as the talent outplays the coaching he will be here.

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