Gregory 10 game Suspension under appeal; 4 game suspension confirmed

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Garrettop, Sep 4, 2016.

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    Pretty much my thoughts exactly.
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    Does this need a new thread? Werder is reporting the 10 game ban could still be possible.

    Source: Randy Gregory appeal of additional suspension still ongoing
    9:59 AM PT
    • [​IMG]
      Ed WerderESPN NFL Insider
    Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory has not had his appeal heard regarding an additional suspension by the NFL for violating the substance abuse policy, a source told ESPN on Sunday.

    The NFL has not announced more than a four-game suspension for Gregory, and the league still considers his potential "4-plus-10" ‎suspension to be pending, according to the source.

    When final roster cuts were made Saturday by NFL teams, there was a mention next to Gregory's name on the Cowboys roster of a four-game suspension, but that was in reference to his violation announced in February, not the additional violation reported in July, which the NFL has not made any announcement about.

    It is unclear whether Gregory violated the substance abuse policy by failing or missing a test, but he is facing the possibility of having the suspension extended by 10 games.

    A source told ESPN on Sunday that agent Deryk Gilmore filed an appeal and sent the league documentation to support the contention that Gregory did not commit a violation that should add to his previously announced suspension. There has not been a hearing on the matter, the source said.

    The Cowboys placed Gregory on the reserve/did not report list at the start of training camp but have remained supportive and have a locker for him at The Star, their new practice facility.

    At the 2015 NFL scouting combine, Gregory tested positive for marijuana, which put him in the league's drug program. Considered a first-round prospect out of Nebraska, he fell to the second round, where the Cowboys selected him with the 60th overall pick.

    The Cowboys and Gregory agreed that he would have a personal handler with him during the season to help him cope with issues related to anxiety.

    Gregory played in 12 games as a rookie and did not record a sack. He suffered a high-ankle sprain in the season opener against the New York Giants and missed the next four games. Cowboys coaches credited him with 11 tackles and 16 quarterback pressures to go along with one tackle for loss.

    The source said Gregory continues to receive inpatient treatment at a drug rehabilitation facility.

    The reduction in the suspension was first reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and two sources initially told ESPN the same information.
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    Just read this. It sounds like his additional 10 game suspension (or 4 games + 6 games?) is still pending.
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    If he gets suspended again then he gets 14 total.
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    More reliable, less hyped and speculative.
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    Dan Graziano (ESPN) is reporting that the appeal has been successful!
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    About time the Boys get a break. Now we just need to get this kid on the field and motivated to roll up sacks instead of joints.
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    He likely just picked up on the bogus reporting.
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    Wonder if he will take a celebratory bong rip for the reduction?
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    Reports are all over the place so no idea what to believe. All we do know is nothing official has been announced so it is best to assume it is still 10+ games.
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    The DE position still looks bleak he'll be gone 4 games and when he returns it will take a few games before he gets in game shape. With all the games he missed last season due to injury and with 4 games missed this season his development is being severely stunted. He's had too much going on to be able to concentrate on football. It's going to be difficult to depend on him to make much of an impact when he returns. A young player like him needs a formidable pass rusher opposite them to help free them up and we don't have a player like that. A lot of DLaw's success last season was due to having Hardy on the field. Both players are going to have to work their way back into game shape and DLaw is notorious for slow starts.
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    If this thread title is incorrect it needs to be fixed. None of us need false good news after the run of crap this offseason has provided.
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    That's exactly what happened. He has tweeted an apology and promised to be better!
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    so he still is suspended for 14 games then I assume.
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    WHOO HOO! Time to celebrate by lighting up a doobie. Back to 14 games darn.
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    No question.

    But if he can come back (at some point) and at least be able to fire off at the snap and get around the corner like no one else on the roster– It will be a nice addition.

    It's been said that he was the best pure pass-rushing prospect out of the last two drafts, so there are some tools there.
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    Can anyone get their story straight?? Sheesh
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    No, I don't think anything about a second suspension has been decided.
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    Naturally, the one piece of good news we FINALLY get might be taken from us.
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    Finally some good news.

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