More proof why Dak is garbage

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by khiladi, Oct 6, 2020.

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    I just don’t understand when evaluating dak why context doesn’t matter? People just jump straight to stats to defend him.

    yet when I bring up that the cowboys had the 10th or 11th best defense last year (statistically) its “stats don’t tell the whole story”. Maybe so... but why can’t that same premise be applied to offfense.

    Again when we’re up 14-7... and Cleveland is scoring 31 unanswered. Why is it so hard to expect the dak led offense to answer at least once? Not wait till it’s 38-14 to put up points.
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  2. Captain-Crash

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    we don't need any more proof or excuses.
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    Trying to think of any other team that scored 40 ppg,mainly through the air, and the fan base whines how the QB "sucks". Lol man..I live near Philly and I swear some of you are giving idiot Eagles fans a run for their money.
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  5. Corso

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    Are you telling @khiladi to shut up?
    You got balls man.
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    Our fans are such trash. We're easily the worst fanbase in all of sports.
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  7. Captain-Crash

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    He's almost got it covered.
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  8. Captain-Crash

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    yeah, our fans suck. They want to overpay an average quarterback no matter how bad it hurts the team.
  9. CowboyoWales

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    Your problem is that you're using words like context and evaluating, try using phrases like 'yards good' and 'who cares about Defense'.

    It really doesnt matter what you write after that as Dak Regardless fans wont read anything else. The only Defense they care about is the defense of their boy on this forum.
  10. Brax

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    The subtle race card, you have to get over it, it’s 2020 and you need some help because it is not true. Go away with your hate it is not wanted hare.
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  11. Typhus

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    But apparently those are all high quality attributes,, its amazing how stats out weigh scouting grades these days...
  12. Risen Star

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    I gave you a like but watch the I like Dak stuff in the future.
  13. CowboysFaninHouston

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    some of what you say is reasonable, but you are putting the entire blame and onus on Dak to be the only reason for wins. is that reasonable?

    yes, last year the defense was mid range, lacked in certain areas. but again, WINS and LOSSES are on the coaches, as they manage and responsible for entire team and the entire team performance. our coaching lacked. we have all argued that to no end. last year we lost at least 3 games due to coaching blunders at crucial times of the game. be it offensive or defensive.

    this specially holds true, when you have the #1 offense and mid range defense and your record is 8-8.

    in regards to the browns. your reference is to the second quarter. and again, I think its unreasonable to expect the offense score every possession and in essence that's what you ask. we scored 14 points in the first quarter. by any standard that's a great first quarter. but no one mentions that. do teams score every quarter of every game throughout the season in the NFL? that's impossible, and thus it gives fodder to those who do not like Dak to point to a quarter and say, hey he didn't score..... we gave up 7 scores in the first 8 possessions to the brown. we gave up 300 yards rushing. read that again....300 yards rushing, about half of that in the first half.....and your complaint is why didn't Dak score at least one time in the second quarter....

    and since you ask why is it unreasonable to expect Offense lead at least one score.....why is it unreasonable to expect the defense to make one stop in the first half? one stop and the score id 24-14.....
  14. rnr_honeybadger

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    Hehe, love it, a like with a caution flag attached to it
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2020
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  15. Cowboysfan917

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    I have not liked Dak since his start. I always thought it was a mistake to stick with him in 2016.

    That being said, Dak does not suck. He’s grown a lot. He is an average to slightly above QB. Top 12. He has his days where he breaks into the bottom half of the top 10. He has his days where he falls to 15th or so.

    He is not worth the big contract but he is also not the issue with this team. Several of us have said for the past few years that he walked into a great situation and would not be able to elevate others if the roster got worse. That is being proven.

    I think the choice is obvious now. You have to find a replacement because you cannot pay him the fortune he wants with all the weaknesses in the team. If he was willing to take a smaller contract, he would be a guy worth building around. He has made it clear he will not so you have to find a cheaper option.
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  16. Typhus

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    agree, but you wont change anyone's predetermined expectations.
  17. OmerV

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    It works both ways. This year people who don’t care for Dak point to 3 fumbles but choose not to recognize that all 3 were batted out of his hand while attempting to throw a pass. One of this is definite lumpy on Dak as he was being tackled and should have just eaten the ball, although it’s hard to blame him for not giving up on a play, but the other 2 were blocking problems where the OT failed to set a pocket to throw from.

    ultimately though, neither wins or losses are entirely on the QB.
  18. Cowboy Lover

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    So why doesn't Dak MOVE? He sits in the pocket until people can get to him and knock the ball out. Check the highlights. You can see there is CLEAR space up and to the right.
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  19. Brax

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    Free thinking not allowed in your world let’s censor it. You know by rules here you have no right to question or degrade the forum leadership ,just stop.
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  20. OmerV

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    Because he is stepping up into the pocket and with a receiver to throw to, and the defender is batting the ball from behind. If he didn’t see a target and wasn’t attempting to throw it would be different. Dak had some problems with that in 2018 when he wouldn’t throw the ball away or just held the ball, but stepping into the pocket and trying to throw is a different situation. A QB has to be tough in that situation because a receiver doesn’t stay open forever. QBs hanging tough in the pocket is generally considered a virtue.

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