Where do you stand on Garrett and why?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, May 17, 2019.

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    You must be a relatively new cowboys fan so you probably don't know that after the regular season is over the best teams get into something called 'the playoffs' then go to something called 'conference championship games' and the winners play in something known as 'the super bowl'

    As an older fan of this team, I assure you that these are not just legends or imaginary things but I have personally seen the cowboys play in these games and actually win

    They are real

    That is the "more" real Cowboy fans want
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  2. Blackrain

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    It really dosent matter where I stand or any of us fans for that matter . Jerry stands in Garretts corner and will continue to do so because Garrett makes Jerry feel very comfortable.

    He never challenges Jerrys authority and wins just enough to keep Jerry thinking we are right on the doorstep . Garrett dose some very good things for this team they just don't happen on game day. That's why IMO Garrett should be promoted to Assistant GM and a coach hired that could think on his feet enough in the moment to out coach the guy across from him once in a while .

    Since this has very little chance of happening I view Garretts game day coaching as another one of the things in Jerrys Dysfunctional world that we have to work around as fans of the team . The easiest thing is to recognize this and alter your expectations accordingly .

    In short pray for BIG Fred to come back strong our oline to be top 5 and Zeke to get 5yrds a crack . This makes Garrett look like COTY but we will still lose in the playoffs when everybody is good . This is the best we can hope for with Garrett as HC but hey it sure beats the heck out the NFL version of purgatory 8-8
  3. Dre11

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    What are you talking about. We're talking about the year JG was interim coach.
  4. Dre11

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    But yet he went 31-13 Over the last 3 SEASONS. Maybe those 31 times games, those coaches feared. Apparently he outcoach someone 31 times over the last 3 SEASONS...lol
  5. Dre11

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    So you just regard the 12-4,13-3, 10-6,9-7 records.
    Yet quick to point out 8-8 . Priceless
  6. Dre11

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    They were just as bad with Alex all year. They couldn't score points all year , even with Alex. It was so bad here, that many redskins fans thought Colt would do better. That lead was hollow.
  7. Idgit

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    8-8 with some comparatively weak teams isn’t exactly a knock, anyway.
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    How do you another coach wouldn't have gone 32-12 or 33-11 over the same period with the talent on the roster? The record doesn't mean Garrett was getting the most out of the team--especially with playoff wins.
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  9. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I would like to improve on him. I think he is a lot better than people give him credit for considering the 9 pro bowlers he has drafted and developed and of course most of the homegrown team.

    He is not innovative or intuitive when it comes to game planning and calling.

    A guy like Sean Payton becomes available in a year or two then I'm completely on board. This notion that we can easily do better is folly.
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  10. csirl

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    I like Garrett as a person. I think he's a good guy.

    However, I think we need a coaching change. The team is young and talented. It should be challenging for the SB. But the coaching is stale.
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  11. Pompey-Cowboy

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    Has anyone said "his throat"? I couldn't be bothered to read 14 pages.

    Personally I have no problem with him but acknowledge that he is only just above average.
  12. OmerV

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    You didn’t start the thread ... unless you are the same guy as Ranching but using a second ID.
  13. Scotman

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    We have a good team and a lot of talent and that translates into wins.

    I will happily stand corrected if you can point to any article, any video, any online source that said our coach was better than...or gives us the edge over... ANY other head coach.
  14. JMech

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    He should have been gone years ago. He is not a difference maker as a coach.

    I pose one question.......When Jerry first signed him as HC, supposedly Baltimore wanted to sign him. Had Baltimore been successful in landing him as coach, tell me if you seriously believe he would have won a SB with that team? I for one do not. Baltimore can count their blessings and send Jerry photos of their SBs.

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  15. Point-of-the-Star

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    I'm all in Ok with getting a new HC. I don't think Garrett will lead us to the promised land although he can get us in position to start the journey (good enough regular season coach). In the playoffs the coaching needs to be exceptional and this includes game planning and in game strategies).

    My whole problem with getting a new HC is the guy who makes that decision ... his track record can suck pretty badly in this department. (I'm thinking of the Switzer and Campos hires).
  16. ColoCowboy

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    Personally, I would have replaced him 3-4 years ago. I base my comment on two observations: first and foremost, it is rare that I feel he out-coaches the opposition. More often than, it seems as as though his approach is "we have a game plan and we're going to stick to it regardless what the opposition does". This seems particularly apparent with half-time adjustments.

    Second, for the overall level of talent that the Cowboy's have had during JG's tenure, I have felt he has generally under-delivered.

    Admittedly, the past 3 years have been an improvement. Nonetheless, I would still like to see him gone.
  17. JoeKing

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    The situation with Garrett will work itself out. There is a reason he has not received an extension by the Jones family. They want to see how this 2019 season pans out first. I believe there is a plan in place to replace him if he does not deliver us at least an NFC championship.
  18. eromeopolk

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    Considering Jason Garrett was a player under Jimmy Johnson, Jim Fassel (who groomed Sean Payton to an OC), Sean Payton (OC during his time with Giants), Jon Gruden, coached under Nick Saban, and his father was a recognized scout that spent +16 years with the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett is a total disappointment as a HC and OC.

    Jason Garrett grew up with access to Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, Chan Gailey, and Bill Parcells as Cowboys Head Coaches. Undoubtedly he was not a student of the game.

    He was not as advertised. He did not listen to Jimmy Johnson's advice to have both offensive and defensive coordinators (see Jerry Jones "walk around Head Coach" comments). Jerry Jones allowed Garrett to learn on the job to be a coordinator, head coach, and Garrett failed at both. Garrett rode on the coat tails of others coaches like Ray Sherman, Tony Sparano as OC, Todd Bowles, Sean Payton, and sabotaged Son of a Bum as HC.

    The Dallas Cowboys Head Coaching bar has been lowered for Garrett to succeed. Now Cowboy fans just want to make the playoffs vs. winning Super Bowls.

    Finally, he has nothing to add in personnel development (like Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells) or coaching innovation (like Tom Landry) to remain as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
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    They were beat, it wasn't quit, they won 3 straight after tha
    I don't know, but they didn't he did.
  20. Dre11

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    Name 1 coach that win with no talent...lol
    I believe players win games, but none of you claim the talent wins for any other coach. But when it comes to JG, when we win its someone else, when we lose it JG, he gets all blame and none of the credit....lol how does that happen

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